Welcome to the blog Captain Gini !

I Virginie Levraud and I travel full time!

In February 2014, I started a 15 months world tour during which I visited a part of South America, Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Then I went to Australia for 8 months.

Today, I travel the world at the mercy of my desires.

To learn more about me, it’s here.

This blog is the story of my adventures, tips and tricks for traveling on a budget and my advices around the world.

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Street Art in Santiago de Chile (Photos)

The capital of Chile is a city with small superficy and with good sneakers, you can easily walk around. That...

50 days, Itinerary in Indonesia

I spent almost two months in Indonesia between Java, Bali, Lombok and small islands all around (Lembongan and Gili) two...

Around Ella, little Adam’s Peak and Ella’s Rock hiking

Ella is a tourist town located in the mountains at 1030 meters high. It is cooler and pines surround this...

From the sea to the stall, the huge fish market in Negombo

Negombo is the city known in Sri Lanka for the first and last visited because it is the city where...

“When I hear the word “travel”, that means long term freedom. I don’t mean holiday. I mean travel.
Backpack. Frequent trips. That means get away. That means go seek the truth. That means drop all societies expectations.
That means be human again, get back to basics, appreciate and see the world. I feel travel still is a privelage.”


Photo trip, what equipment in my backpack?

Like the Japanese which is often mocked, I really love taking pictures. When traveling, every minute, you want to photograph...

My troubles in world tour

I am naturraly positive and I don’t really retain bad things. Besides, traveling, the worst troubles are generally those who...

A mosquito net in the world tour

Among all the questions I asked myself during the preparations for my trip, the question of the mosquito net not...

No travel guide, how do I do?

When I was traveling over very short time, I took with me a paper guide that I swallowed from beginning...


Around the Iguazu Falls , in trek on the largest glacier in the world or in the middle of the Asian markets …

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Enjoy the visit & have a nice trip!