Wedding and traditions in Hmong community

Hmong communities in northern Vietnam have beliefs and ancestral cultures that are still very present.


In this small article, I wanted to tell you about the traditions toward marriage and how a man and a woman come to get together.

First, you must know that polygamy is possible among the Hmong. From the age of 13, a woman can get married while men not, they expect to be ready!

From an early age of their offspring, families agree that their children marry together. Once the young man ready, he takes action.

He agrees with the family of the woman he desires (actually already chosen!) to kidnap her at night and take her in his home. The woman does not choose and do not know when it will happen to her!

The next morning, the family of the bride goes to the family of the young pretender to negotiate the dowry consisting of rice, pork, rice wine, etc. That’s a lot for them and only wealthy village may have several wives (basically to “pay” the dowry).

Once they agree, the marriage takes place and the woman moved into the family of her husband she will take care until they died.

It is far from our western traditions but looking at the faces of these women accompanied by their children, we never saw as full of life looks, smiles of people who live serenely and with a very simple daily is enough for them.




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