Two days in Yangon, that’s enough!

I was very surprised on arrival at Yangon !! A city that gives the impression to survive, buildings in scattered style, old, dilapidated, dusty. The traffic is not very dense, there are no two-wheel, and people remain calm in the streets of this great city.


The smells of spices mixed with other scents remind me of India. The cultural mix is ​​remarkable. We find faces in Pakistan, Thailand, China, India, Mongolia … Almost all Asian peoples are represented …

Yangon is a city that lives more than it is visited. Some sites are not to be missed but the best is to walk in the streets at random and soak up the atmosphere that stirs the senses.

So apart from walking the streets of Yangon, what can we see in two days?

Pagodas and Buddhist Burmese culture

Temples and Pagodas are places of life. The people bring picnics to eat with the family. Other nap, pray, discuss, strolls. Children run, play or do their duty. Young lovers find themselves! Every scene of daily life are represented. It is far from a dedicated place only to meditation!



Pagoda Botahtaung,


More popular and less spectacular, it is the less touristy. Many Burmese are installed in the day and you can really see the local habits.


In a room of the pagoda, there are many tables, covered with notes from donations. Burmese count them, sort them and put them in a bundle. It’s impressive to see all that money without security, just in an open hall of the temple.


In the center, a circular room, completely decorated with gilding contains a relic of Buddha. Many nuns will come to offering.


Shwe Dagon Pagoda

The largest and most touristy of the city. To me, the most spectacular of all Southeast Asia with the royal palace in Bangkok (Thailand)!


Tens of stupas, temples and other buildings around the Shwedagon Pagoda, over 100 meters high. The enclosure is 46 hectares in total, enough to get an eyeful! Each building is different. Temples of red and green tiles, white stupas and other colorful mosaics, temples housing a statute of Buddha or his footprint, others completely golden. Gigantic bells, divine representations in gold, etc …. The list is long and it’s beautiful!




Despite a sharp contrast to the other countries of Southeast Asia, these buildings in poor condition are “beautiful” and have charm. The nature has reasserted itself. Vines or branches cover some facades, some balconies.


Parks here and there come alive in the morning for tai chi sessions.


The wide avenues are lined with large colonial buildings in pastel colors. RHD contrast with vehicles designed for driving on the left. Sometimes crosses military barriers covered with barbed wire, which we recall the country’s political condition.


Monks in orange and red robes or white clothes nuns circulate freely and are closer to the people because the political and social history of the old Burma. We crossed some on scooters, in crowded tuk-tuk, to be smoking, eat at any time … Many approach you to talk, a real treat!

The Downtown area is where local life is concentrated and where you can see all of modern and ancient culture of Myanmar. We meet local in traditional dress but also young and modern westernized. It’s warm and we appreciate walking in the shade of trees along the streets and avenues.



Feel free to pass on all the streets. You will fall in markets of all kinds, from street food corners, carnival, etc!



The area around Shwe Dagon pagoda is suffocating with its large arteries. There is the Kandawgyi lake which admission is charged and a park around to relax. It’s warm and it’s best to move by tuk-tuk in this part of town.

Yangon is big, it is a capital. He is hot and really polluted, but this is the first step in Myanmar. So yes two days is enough but you have to do the fullest!

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