The lanterns in Hoi An

If you love lanterns like me, Hoi An is the heaven!


I arrived in Hoi An at night. Time to find a hotel and go out to eat, it was dark night. The first vision I had of the city was magic, a giant funfair, a village festival, all lit up. Candles everywhere … Beautiful!

Indeed, Hoi An, is the city of the lantern. At nightfall, the old city lanterns spark miles, of all colors. There are red, blue, other patterns. There are all shapes, all sizes.

They are hung in trees, on the facades of houses. They are arranged at the entrance of the store, on the terraces of cafes …


Little girls and old women sell floating lanterns that we can place on the Thu Bon River and make a wish. I had a hard time finding a wish, but for 5000 dong (0.20 € cents) after negotiation, I was not going to miss it!


Some candles float on the surface of the water where the lights of the bridge is reflected.


Add to the city lights, that give the place a fairytail atmosphere. From all sides, it is surrounded by light, it feels a bit like a floating cloud, as if nothing could happen!

The manufacture of lanterns

That are made of bamboo and covered with silk. There is of course different qualities and therefore different prices, but mostly, the prices are very affordable. It costs around 120,000 dong for a big lantern (6 euros)!

Lanterne de Hoi An

There is approximately 7 steps for manufacturing. Initially, cut thin strips of bamboo which is then fixed to make the frame. Then, these lamellae are glued three by three, on which there is the silk fabric. Shot well, the surplus ends are cut with scissors.

Lanterne de Hoi An

Cutting surplus silk

Lanterne de Hoi An

Gluing the bamboo strips

They add the pieces of wood sanded the ends, bead and tassel and it’s over. This gives a beautiful lantern which will shine brightly all night long!

So if you go through Hoi An, don’t think too much, buy a lantern !!

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