My Son, Cham people remains

Located 68 kilometers from the town of Hoi An, My Son temple complex is one of the oldest built by the Champa kingdom (the people of Cham), native to Indonesia. Built from the 4th to the 13th century, it is now a UNESCO heritage site.


My Son, means “beautiful mountain” in Vietnamese. We compare them to the temple of Angkor in Cambodia, the valley of 2000 temples in Myanmar, or the temple of Borobudur in Java, Indonesia.

All towers sanctuary is surrounded by jungle. The red brick battisses sparkle in the sun. It is a very beautiful place.


There are many tourists on the site, especially in the morning. They generally follow the guide that explains their every square millimeter. As you away, you will not struggle to find yourself alone and enjoy the magic of the place!

Lotus position deity statues are arranged everywhere. Looted or bombed, many have lost their head!



You can enter inside the sanctuaries. We find ourselves in a very small room whose walls sloping ceiling extends to the top. Above each entry is carved in stone deity to whom the shrine is dedicated.


Cham dynasty

The people of Cham, Indian Hindu, worships Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesh. However, there are also traces of Buddhist religion in their belief. We are then left with altered symbols such as the Gala protector at the bottom of the towers, rather than at the top of each entry.

This complex, and others, is a protective sanctuary for the dynasty. It was erected in honor of the creator of the universe and its destroyer.

From Indonesia, the Chams are now living on the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.



Site investigation and traces of history

Genuine remnants of the past, these sanctuaries were built in the volcanic rock. For years, scientists have wondered how mortar was used for the site is so well preserved and that the brick walls are so strong. Today’s science lets us know that it is a mixture with the resin of trees around who served in the construction of these towers.

It is the French people who discovered the site first, in the early 20th century and which have divided to study it. Bombed no less than 50 times by the US military during the Vietnam War, the site suffered enormously and many buildings have disappeared.

Today, we see the holes impacts bombs! These are the Germans and the Italians who helped rehabilitate the site by joining the Vietnamese to release the bombs still present. In 1999, My Son becomes Unesco heritage site and the University of Milan always conducted research on the site.

Organized tour, how to get there?

To go to My Son, you can use your own transport such as a motorcycle, but including rental and gasoline, it will cost more than a organized tour. Also, if you take that with the return to Hoi An by boat, you will have the opportunity to visit the village of Kim Bong, on the island of Cam Kim.


The tour organized boat costs 160,000 dong. I advise you to buy only the bus tour with the agencies for 100,000 VND then make changes on the spot with the guide. This will cost you even less. The entrance to My Son costing 100,000 dong.

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