Gastronomy of Peru, small or big hunger?

When a Peruvian chef and a French tourist start talking food… it looks like this! A mine of information!

One evening at a street corner in Lima, I found a small local restaurant. Weekday, the place was not crowded and I sat chatting with the boss, parallel cook and father of three children, of course. I wish I could take all the meals in my portfolio pictures but my wallet said no!

Here are some typical dishes of Peru starting from the Pacific coast to the small mountain villages.

On the coast

The best dishes of the Peruvian coast are the Creole dishes, prepared with local ingredients, mostly seafood. In Lima, you can enjoy the Arroz Tapado (rice and meat arranged layer), a fish chorrillana (fish fillets in tomato sauce), a chorito a la chalaca (mussels) or the marinated asparagus cream input.

The northern cities like Piura, Trujillo and Chiclayo are highly recognized for their specialties. Seco a la nortena of cabrito (goat stew served with rice and beans) and arroz con pato (rice with duck) are real tourist attractions. Not to mention the inevitable ceviche (fish marinated raw).


Ceviche au Pérou

In the South, there are other specialties such as sopa seca a la chinchana (meat dish, sweet potato, …). In Arequipa, the stuffed pepper (Rocoto relleno).

In the sierra

The dish is Pachamanca worship in the mountains. It is a combination of ingredients from agriculture. Then there is the famous chactado cuy (guinea pig roasted on a spit), trout cooked in all its forms (grilled, steamed, stewed, …) and chicharron with his stuffed potatoes. In accompaniment, there are the ingredients of ancient cultures such as corn, sweet potato and potato.

In the jungle

Mystified place, it is said that many of this dishes have aphrodisiac properties. The juane (onion) or the chonta salad are the dishes that clearly express the love of the jungle when they arrive in the stomach!

In large cities

Like any self-respecting capital, nothing better than the restaurants of Lima. until all luxury restaurant We meet with renowned maps and innovative chefs.

Cusco is considered the second gastronomic city after Lima. Sophisticated and expensive dishes were created from local products such as quinoa, beans or mint.

Asian Influence

“Chinese” restaurants are popular throughout the country. They are found on every street corner. In cooking, Peruvian! It’s pretty good, even excellent. And as usual, it’s a cheap cuisine. One finds the Asian noodles on the menu in local markets and chicken soup starts out in the Chinese menus. A good mix which stimulates the taste buds!

And you, what is your favorite Peruvian dish?

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