2 months in Argentina, 9 stages, 10 346 km

Two months in Argentina, intense moments, giggles, other hellish. Sun, rain, clouds, snow, more sun! Tours, walks, treks, outings, and then more quiet moments, simply life.

Therefore, it is hard this time to “write my daily route. It will be annoying.



It is by step I will show you the way I have traveled on these 56 Argentinian days.

So I arrived in Argentina in the northeast, from the Bolivian border. After a train from Uyuni, several bus across the border, first step in Salta.

#1 – Salta

Salta is a colonial city with its terraces, lively squares, pedestrian streets and luxury boutiques. The colonial monuments are pink, blue or red flashy between green squares. A day to see the major monuments: Place of 9 July, the San Francisco church, the convent of San Bernardino. Salta is a city of art where I visited many free galleries and exhibitions.


Another day to reach the summit of Cerro San Bernardo by cable car. We walked in the small park landscaped and especially admired the breathtaking view over the city.

#2 – Chilecito – La Rioja – San Juan

This is the Argentinean part where I hitchhiked and where I suffered most from the heat. Walking in the desert waiting a car and takes you on … It’s also where I met more locals, all as cute as each other.

This part of the country is beautiful, red expanses, barren. Scattered farms, asphalt roads that stretch to the horizon.

By having a little courage and by climbing a small hill, it seems to have the world at his feet and must squint to see further. That’s wonderful !

#3 – Mendoza

The city without character with its shaded terraces, the tree-lined avenues. The place where I found my origins from southwest of France, drinking good wine 🙂

Bike tour of the bodegas where very washed down with wine day even made me forget to film inside the vineyards. The video then down to my pedal strokes between drinks!

In the end, there is not much to do in Mendoza, which is nevertheless the second largest city in Argentina! Instead, park and passing, we quickly go around.

#4 – Bariloche – San Martin de los Andes

A big jump on the route and that’s it, I am in Patagonia. Part so beautiful that tears flowed more than once in the front of the most beautiful landscapes all as each other.

Bariloche (3)

Bariloche is the small town of the mountains, with its chalets, its fondue restaurants and pine smelling. It is also the Great Lakes region in the middle of snow-capped slopes.

Bariloche - route des 7 lacs (2)

The cold begins to be felt but well covered, we can easily stay outside. So I did the bike tour circuito chico, I also took the road 40 and toured the 7 lakes to San Martin de los Andes. I also wandered in the town enjoying delicious chocolates! At night, it feels like a medieval town with its stone buildings lighted by yellow lights.


#5 – El Chalten

El Chalten is a new city, prefabricated for mountain lovers in search of steep ascents. It is in this dream landscape that I went to a day hike to climb a part of Fitz Roy Mount. It begins in the morning at sunrise to see the entire valley spread before our eyes.


At the top, it’s a snow scene, red earth, mountains in dry vegetation around us. One of the magical moments of the trip!


The ascent is difficult, it is a 9 hours day walk, 2 hours when everyone thinks he will die literally as the drop is strong! But the reward on arriving in front of the lagoon and Mount worth all the effort!


#6 – El Calafate

I arrived in this city started with a traveling companion. An abandoned dog that followed me two days waiting outside while I was staying in the hostel at night. It was not there on the third morning and I was a little bit sad. El Calafate is the departure to see the Perito Morino, one of the largest glaciers in the world.

Perito Morino (4)

I still have the emotional lump in the throat, thinking back to this day because it was so amazing. First, we approach the glacier by boat, then puts on spike shoes to walk on the glacier directly. Guides accompany us because it’s dangerous in the crevasses, unstable ice sheets, etc… You end up watching the glacier from the front decorated gateways. We hear the sound of shattering ice movement, pieces fall into the sea, it’s magic!

Perito Morino (7)

Beyond the glacier Perito Morino, El Calafate is an interesting city with beautiful houses and where you can observe flamingos on the lake in the city.

#7 – Ushuaïa

Ushuaia, the end of the world, where you have to cross the Strait of Magellan by ferry to reach it! Ushuaia, a large polluted city that surprises with its modernity. Ushuaia, between dream and reality.


I stayed 8 days to Ushuaia to visit the city and surrounding area. A boat trip on the Beagle Channel to admire the island with cormorants and sea lions island. Then we reached the lighthouse “Les éclaireurs”, the last lighthouse at the end of the world!


Hiking in the national park Terra del Fuego that can be achieved in hitch-hike, on the lagoons and glaciers. We drink a hot chocolate because it’s cold … no kidding !! We visit the naval base, the museum and observed the statue of Eva Peron.


Don’t forget before leaving to take the photo front of sign “Ushuaia” and to stamp your passport!

#8 – Buenos Aires

I did not want to leave. A real need to blow after 4 months away. I loved Buenos Aires, its architecture, its nights, its people and their kindness. I stayed 15 days between idleness, visits and ballads, gazing vacantly around you. This is as well where I celebrated my 30th birthday 🙂

In Buenos Aires, don’t miss the colorful street Carminito Boca with tango dancers, the Recoleta Cemetery, Plaza de Mayo, the Obelisk, San Telmo, the bridge of Mujer and beautiful boats 3 masts, the English tower, and so much!

Buenos Aires (1)

I also strolled on art markets and bodegas to taste the good wine of Chile and Argentina. I danced the tango in milongas, I tasted barbecue grills at the bottom of shady streets …

Buenos Aires (2)

There is so much to see and do, what to visit in Buenos Aires, it would take several months to stay!

#9 – Missiones – Iguazu

The region Misionnes, the one where I found the heat after spending over a month in Patagonia, is a red area of ​​land where the history of the Jesuit missions is learned in the city of San Igniacio. I have visited the ruins and saw the hologram show throughout the site at nightfall. Awesome!

San Ignacio (2)

End Argentina on a high note before joining Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, I spent two days at Iguazu Falls. It is for me the top of my 1st year trip. I was overwhelmed by the power and beauty of the site. Nature is so beautiful, and the Iguazu Falls are a perfect representation.

Iguazu Brazil (1)

Iguazu Brazil (2)

You’ll understand that Argentina was only magnificence of nature, loneliness and harmony with the landscape so different at each stage, so complete and so extraordinary …


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