1 month in Laos, here’s my itinerary

A month in Laos, the time of the visa, not enough!! I made the rather traditional route from Thailand and I crossed the country to join then Cambodia. Try to think outside the box in a month is less easy except if you have your own transport.


I liked to stay longer but you have to go away. You will therefore understand, I loved Laos, an authentic country where every day is a real discovery. The villages still have their old wooden houses on stilts. Chickens and pigs are easily roam the streets of the villages and cows crossing the road as they see fit everywhere.

Between cruise on the Mekong, homestay in old villages or laze under the coconut trees, here’s my itinerary step by step.

  • Day 1 : Arrival by bus from Thailand (Chiang Rai) via the border at Huay Xai and overnight.
  • Day 2 : Departure by boat for two days of “cruise” on the Mekong, stopping for the night in Ban Beng.
  • Day 3 : Second day boat on the Mekong River, arriving late in the day in Luang Prabang.
  • Day 4 : Happy new eve party … ..
  • Day 5 : Visit Kuang Si waterfalls in tuk-tuk.
  • Day 6 : Visit of Mont Phusi temple, chatting with a monk. Evening craft market and surrounding streets.
  • Day 7 : Visit the Palace, the monastery in May Suvannaphumaham and village across the bamboo bridge.
  • Day 8 : Departure by bus in the morning (6 hours). Arrive on Vang Vieng in late afternoon.
  • Day 9 : Cycling Day on Vang Vieng, I didn’t like, I decided to not stay.
  • Day 10: Departure by bus (4 hours) to Vientiane, Arrival early afternoon.
  • Day 11: Visit the temples and Si Saket Than Kuang.
  • Day 12: Visit the market Talat Sao and walk on the banks of the Mekong.
  • Day 13: Departure by bus in the morning (6 hours). Transport day and arrived late evening to Kong Lo village.
  • Day 14: Incredible excursion boat on the underground river cave Nam Hin Bun. Visit the village, spiritual feast, bathing in the river.
  • Day 15: Departure by bus early in the morning (4 hours). Transport day and arrived in Savannakhet late afternoon. Evening, invited by Lao people.
  • Day 16: Walking in the city – not much to do.
  • Day 17: Departure by bus in the morning (5 hours) to arrive at Pakse in late morning. Walk in the city and a small market.
  • Day 18: Market Visit Talat Dao Heung Pakse (one of the largest in SE Asia). Tuk-tuk + boat to the island of Don Kho. Night in a Homestay.
  • Day 19: Morning walk on the island, fishermen beach temple villages. Back to Pakse in the afternoon.
  • Day 20: Depart for three days of motobike on the Bolaven plateaus. Cocoa plantation, crossed villages … Arrive late evening to Tat Lo.
  • Day 21: Lazy day to Tat Lo waterfall and walk through the village.
  • Day 22: Third day motorbike through Pakson and waterfalls, evening back to Pakse.
  • Day 23: Day on motorbike, visit Wat Phu Champasak.
  • Day 24: Chilling in Pakse.
  • Day 25: Departure by bus to Pakse in the morning (4 hours), arrived on Don Det Island early this afternoon.
  • Day 26: Cycling day among the islands Don Khon and Don Det, walk in the forest, Li Phi Falls.
  • Day 27: Chilling day.
  • Day 28: Beach and tubing.
  • Day 29: Chilling day.
  • Day 30: Departure by boat + bus to go to Cambodia (7 hours).

It is difficult to rent bikes and scooters in northern Laos.

The prices were multiplied by 3 in the last three years. Laos, although it is possible to spend only 18 euros per day and having fun is no longer a country as “cheap”.

The bus rides are quite sporting. Either we all cup in mini-vans, or we spent 7 hours in a local bus, where chickens mingle with passengers in stifling heat. Some are even sitting in the aisle on plastic stools.

Laos has a special charm where each region has its particularity allowing you to do in one trip to the mountains, the lazing on the banks of the Mekong, discover without tourist villages admire natural sites of waterfalls, caves or forest .

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