Uyuni, salt, trains and the desert …

Uyuni is a lost city in the desert that has no interest. People from the whole world come there mainly for its salt desert and very tourist city is actually quite expensive for the country.


While in Bolivia, I have not waived the rule and so I made my turn in 4×4 in the Salar del Uyuni too. Do you want that I tell you?

My arrival in Uyuni

From La Paz, I took a night bus to arrive 10 hours later in Uyuni. A well tiring journey on the desert roads, dusty and full of potholes. As to measuring section, the temperature dropped. I ended the morning wrapped in my sweater, my coat and under many thick blankets provided by the bus (ok, only one cover more than my neighbor that I was missing dive … No, I’m not cautious !).

Arrive early morning in the center of the city, all tourist offices jump on you to offer various excursions in the salt desert.

I decided to spend a quiet day on site with a night in a hotel so I had time.

Remember that it is possible to arrive by the night bus from La Paz and make straight on one or more days excursion then departed directly. Buses to La Paz or trains to the south are all night, quite late. No need to take hotel in this case. It’s a bit tiring but it can save you time and money.

Book a tour

From one day to three days tour to see lagoons Colorada and Verde tinged with pink, red or green, in the south of the Salar, you have many possibilities. According to Lonely Planet, there are more than 80 travel agencies in the city on a human scale … do you realize! You also have the option of booking from La Paz if you come to the day.

I didn”t plan to visit Bolivia, only pass though between Peru and Argentina. That’s why I chose only one day tour!

One day tour in the Salar del Uyuni

I hear you stomp … “When she speaks of the desert itself …” Yes it has the beautiful images, it is now!

Panoramique salar del Uyuni

So you leave in the morning in the company of other tourists in a beautiful 4×4 and set off for a n amazing day! The beginning of the desert is brown white. The salt is mixed with the desert land around the Salar. We made a first stop to see the piles of salt used.

Salar del Uyuni

Then we drive to the first salt hotel. It is a hotel completely made of salt bricks. We do not realize. The salt is so compacted that it could look like cement.

Finally, we continuously and we drive straight line towards the middle of the desert. Soon there is nothing around as bright and dazzling white. The soil is cracked due to the evaporation of water in the sun. It’s an incredible landscape salt 10,582 kilometers around you.

Salar del Uyuni

We must not forget that before, it was a large body of salt water by drying has become a huge salt desert.

Salar del Uyuni

Then we find in the middle of it, lost islands as we could see in the open sea. Covered with rocks, steppe and giant cacti, is an explosive landscape.

Ile du salar del Uuyuni

Picnic in the ass of the car, salad and Milanese house. And if it is not salty enough, well it is not a problem, just bend down!

Salar del Uyuni

Finally, up to typical photos and videos where all play with perspectives. Guides are practically become professional photographers and can give you funny ben ideas. Small preview of delirium our guide at the end of the video below.

Salar del Uyuni

Caution also protect yourself with cream, as well as one burn from above with the sun but also from below because of the reflection on salt. I even took a sunburn under the chin … haha.

Moreover the Salar, what to do in Uyuni?

Uyuni is renowned for its train cemetery. Indeed, Bolivia is quite proud of its railway system, which was used especially for the transport of ores. In Uyuni, we find traces of that era with vintage locomotives and wagons.


This is a rather unusual place worth seeing. Stroll among the ruins of locomotives and put yourself in the shoes of a train driver!


At Uyuni, where to eat cheap!

To avoid eating a high price for a simple pizza and not the best, you can make on Plaza de Armas. Many local rotisseries open their doors at night and you will eat for pennies a good piece of meat cooked over a wood fire with Bolivians.

For lunch, a good soup and stew meat in the central market bottom, middle chickens and vegetables.

To see the video, here it is …

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