The villages of Senaru (Lombok)

During my stay in Lombok, I was fortunate to be invited in the villages local to Senaru. Simple life in community, you are entering another world where everything is smile and kind. Anyone can attend. There are even organized tours.


The village

The village is surrounded by mountains and rice fields. Cocoa plantations, coconut and peanuts even invade the village. Nature is everywhere. We hear the distant sound of water flowing and strength waterfalls. In the village, houses are mostly concrete with a straw roof. There are gazebos arranged around outside.


In the village center, there is the rice store. This is a small straw house on stilts which is stored an impressive amount of rice.


Along the dirt roads, baskets enclose cockfight, tumble dry on ropes everywhere. Cows, chickens and goats are an integral part of the community and move almost freely in the aisles.



Daily Life

Everyone lives together. House doors are open and everyone in and out as they wish. The men gather under the gazebos and women are at their service. They bring their coffee or ginger tea and food.



The people chew betel and the last teeth they have are stained red earth.

The women gather in front of houses with children. They weave fabrics, washing dishes, cooking, sweep the dirt roads and care for children.




There are children running around, laugh, fall, make the bicycle, sometimes too high for them! There are others who play music, back from school in uniform …



This is a real organized mess, a real community. To live in the shade of coconut trees and cocoa trees. The people smile at you, want to take pictures with you, a joy.

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