The bird market in Yogyakarta

The largest bird market in Java Island is located in the city of Yogyakarta. Previously, Jakarta was best known but it is Jogja (shortcut city name) that the Sultan lives and it is also the cultural city of the island. It is here now that the market is the most developed.


At a street corner, I met Heing led me on his scooter to the market and made me a kind of private tour, a real treat!

South of the city, therefore, thousands of birds are available as well as other animal species that one would not think to buy.

The market begins with manufacturers and vendors of cages, all handmade, bamboo. Small, large, stained or untreated wood, each is different. We even found some with Chinese symbols carved or decorated with flowers.


And then very quickly, one is overwhelmed by the colors, the singing of birds, the smells! There are all kinds of birds, the canary parakeet through the raven, rooster, … I even saw a white lady and bats! Indonesian eat past when they have lung problems.


One might ask why there is this culture of caged bird in a country so close to nature! A bird is made to fly, not to be locked up? !! Heing explains that like many Indonesians have birds in their home, it’s like another type of pet they care passionately. A real national hobby!

Moreover, he says, birdsong brings more serenity and soothes the mind. I must admit that despite the number of birds around me, singing everything goes, I have not felt like my ears, quite the contrary!


There are also beautiful bell woven bamboo, containing magnificent cocks. They are dedicated to the fight, even though it is illegal in Indonesia!

Finally, at the market bottom is a space reserved for competitions. Each month, bird owners come with their star that they install on top of the roof. Each bird has its numbered slot. A jury will then elect the best singer, dancer, the most beautiful birds, etc …



Birds but not only …

In this cacophony of parrots, doves, lovebirds and pigeons, there are also animal naked, shell or carapace! Here, Indonesian come to find their beloved creature. Rabbit, cat, puppy, monkey (yes it is legal and possible to hold one here), turtle, spur gecko …


There are even fish fighters who are used to see them fight in their jar. Another illegal gambling but practiced here.

Beyond the cages of all kinds enclosing all possible animals, there are stalls Accessories such as feeders, trapezoids, mini-doors, alternative bamboo.


And of course, there are food for birds, and you eat it? Worms course! And alive … So you will find huge bins filled to the brim with swarming insects! Refrain sensitive stomach!


So arrive early to avoid the tourists and make beautiful full color pictures !!

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