Nazi Swastika in Bali?

When I went to Bali and visiting the temples, I noticed that the front doors were marked with the closely resembling a nazi swastika. Surprised to find this symbol here, I then asked people what it means!


By completing the Balinese stories with some research, here is the significance of the cross that does not represent the Nazi cross.

This is the Swastika symbol (Su “good” and Asti “It is”) that have four branches representing the positions of the sun (as a kind of compass points) grouped together in the center to show the movement of life. When the branches are oriented to the right, it is a talisman, which brings well-being. However, when they are turned to the left, the symbol becomes negative.

So, being arranged by transparency, it attracts the chance of a direction and pushes the evil of the other.

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  • Little Baby
    1 year ago

    Yes, a small island can control entire europe to punish the bastard imperialist.

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