Peru in 1 month, what budget?

Peru is a tourist place, no doubt.

Whether you go, on the coast or in the Cordillera, you will always find someone who speaks English, which offers activities, excursions, sweaters, caps, culinary specialties, all that can be sold!

Budget 1 mois au Pérou

Because of Machu Picchu, we remind, one of the 7 wonders of the world, there is no precise mode of tourism. So you will find everything from luxurious hotels with dingy dormitories through some great deals.

For this world tour, I fixed an average of 20 euros per day, which corresponds to Peru to 77 soles per day about including accommodation, food, transport, tours and extras (laundry, clothing, hospital , …). But when we see that many sites such as Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley (with Boletto toursitico) are overpriced or that transport companies inflate the rates depending on the destination, it is difficult to hold its daily budget .

Here is how I did.

  • I am pleased about the activities I wanted to do without too many constraints. Guide, trek and therefore costs!
  • I ate as much as possible to the central marketat noon and I did the shopping and cooking in large cities such as Lima or Cusco. Restaurants and bars only in Cusco and Puno and only 4 times!
  • I chose the least expensive hostels but still close to the center to avoid the cost of a taxi. I was lucky because being in low season, I often had dormitories for myself!
  • I took local buses to go to bus terminals when it was daytime (no taxi).
  • I preferred to make big trips but stay longer in one place rather than multiply paths making bounces. Transportation is a major item of expenditure.
  • Finally, I went to Machu Picchu from the long way roundto avoid taking the train overpriced, and I ate meals prepared in advance.

So, here’s what happens: 605 euros in total, an average of 22.40 per day. This is nothing when we see the expenditures associated with visits (Laguna del Paron, boleto touristico, entrance to Machu Picchu, etc.).

budget un mois pérou

Under “Divers”, I count my clothing purchases (Alpaca sweater and gloves and Peruvian bonnet), I was in the hospital, the laundry or the basic necessities (shampoo, toilet paper, etc.).

To see which route corresponds to the budget, it is here.

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