My top 5 things to do in Mendoza

Only a top 5 in the fourth largest city in Argentina? You will say that this is a joke. Why not a top 10 or even top 20? Well yes, in fact, Mendoza is a big joke!

Rue de Mendoza en Argentine

Mendoza is nothing but a city where you stopped between north and south. The distances and therefore the bus journey time is really long in Argentina, Mendoza is a good base. It is also the capital of the region of the same name in which to “wine”!

The city has been destroyed by a violent earthquake in 1861, it was completely rebuilt until 1863 by a French named Jules Balloffe. Firstly, I would say it was not really inspired and secondly, the city today is not more interest.

It is a town with large tree-lined avenues and where all kinds store signs are added next to each other. I got cruised three days and I tried to write 5 things to see and / where to do that here.

1. Touring bike of bodegas

If you only stay one day in Mendoza and you have to make a choice, then it is this activity that takes priority. Even if it is a tourist attraction that has become, it remains that it is interesting and very enjoyable. So it is going in the area, rent a bike and walking bodegas pedaling in the middle of vineyards, under a bright sun. You can visit the vineyards and participate in wine tastings. Malbec, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon on the agenda! For more information, read my article on the wine trail in Maipu.

vigne en velo dans la région de Mendoza

2. Anything named “San Martin”

The San Martin Avenue which is the main avenue of the city. You can walk the day or early evening for shopping.

The San Martin passage that has certainly lost its charm with the opening of stores uglier than each other. However, the ceiling is still original with its vaulted stained glass windows letting in sunlight. There is a balcony ceiling. It is very beautiful !

Passage San Martin à Mendoza

The Parque San Martin. If you have the courage to walk up to it, to the north of the city, you may be a little disappointed (you can also take the bus, of course!). This is a huge park of 350 hectares where cars circulate. I think this is more like our Parisian wood such as the Bois de Boulogne. So big that it does not stop there to relax with a good book! However, there are some monuments in the park that are worth the ride as the Greek theater and the Cerro de la Gloria and her beautiful statue.

Parc San Martin à Mendoza

3. Plaza Espana

A tiny place, but so pretty. It looks indeed at the place of the south of Spain with its benches and fountain in mosaic. On the ground, the paving stones are interspersed with small mosaic tiles with symbols of royalty such as lily leaves, coats of arms or lions. There is also a wall mosaic that traces the history of colonization of South America.

Place Espana à Mendoza

Mosaique de la Place Espana à Mendoza

4. The old Banco Hipotecario

At the corner of Gutierrez and Espana avenues, is the monument that is like no other in the city with its moldings and carvings of snakes, lily or antique portraits. Today it is the place where the Department of Culture of the Province of Mendoza. Plan your tour of the city to get ahead and make a beautiful picture.

banco hipotecario

5. Where to drink – The terraces of Mendoza

Well yes, it’s part of the top 5 because when you get bored in a city … We’ll have a drink! In addition, we appreciate find the sun terraces, to the European. These are the first, with those of the city of Salta, which I see in South America, so I jumped at the chance.

Paseo Sarmiento is a wide pedestrian street lined with trees and terraces where it is good to relax during the day around a good beer and a pizza that we share as a group. This is much like our French brasseries.

The Aristides Villanueva Avenue is covered all along trendy bars with wide terraces. The atmosphere is at its peak in the evening and at night when the Argentine youth Mendoza mingles with tourists until the end of the night.

Cheaper and less connected, you can also enjoy a drink in the bars and on the terraces of Alameda passage, higher on the Avenue San Martin. The area is less enjoyable because it borders the main avenue.

Bar et terrasses sur l'avenida Aristides Villanueva à Mendoza en Argentine

And you, a good plan to add to Mendoza?


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