My daily in a world tour

Behind beautiful pictures or videos through the most beautiful scenery as each other and beyond most enriching encounters there is a daily when traveling backpack.

We like that otherwise we would not do it. I often hear people say “I could not live like this, alone …” and it’s true everyone can not or don’t want to.

21 jours en Equateur, itinéraire

So here are my daily without amenities, alone with my backpack.

A new place

When we arrive in a new country, a new city, we must quickly take its marks to adapt to customs.

Generally, I begin by retrieving a map of the city or the country that I memories almost by heart. We find it in tourist offices, travel agencies or simply in guesthouses.

Carrying my bag

Being backpack, it also means sometimes carry a heavy bag for a long time. No one does it for me and I do not take taxi because it is often outside the budget. Let’s go carry under 35 degrees, 10 degrees, rain or in a sandstorm (yes this happens), sometimes you have to cover several kilometers!

stop en argentine

I well-balanced the weight between my two bags. I keep cases that have the most value as my camera, my computer or my passport and my money on the front of me.

This backpack is my home, I never leave it. I must also pack and unpack it every two or three days and it ended up being boring even today, I think being a profesionnal for my bag and pack it in less than 5 minutes!


Travel books are not always the best guides. Indeed, due to be registered in the Backpacker or Lonely Planet, places inflate their prices or forgot quality because of the influx of tourists. I then use the internet rather about where to go but I did not reserve in advance.

In South America, tourist offices are very good advice to give the list of the cheapest hostels. In Indonesia or Asia, you only have to ask people. Besides the number of touts in the streets that may possibly give you a good plan!

Again, you sometimes have to walk with your bag under the rain and in the midst of incessant traffic.

Dortoir, guide de survie

Dorm, survival guide

You sleep mostly in dormitories where you have to pay attention to our stuffs, learn to share space, get accustomed to no longer have privacy. But it also has its advantages to exchange the books you’ve already read or get advice and tips from other travelers, not to mention the pleasant evenings with your new friends.

After, there is also trading. Every new place you have to negotiate the price!


You spend time changing currency exchange rates to convert in different countries. It should soon have benchmarks. For this I go into a supermarket and look at the price of water and simple products.


I am also looking banks where you can withdraw a big amount at once to limit costs. Indeed, every ATM has a different withdrawal limit. The premises will give you the information.

Just pay in cash to avoid blockages or card scams. But that implies to always check and anticipate to have enough cash money.

Finally, given the limited budget of a backpacker, sometimes I walk the city for 1 hour before to know where I’m going to eat or sleep because I compare the prices and choose the cheapest.

Eat and drink

After several rice and chicken in South America or rice and noodle soup in Asia, and many were not at all desire to eat. Just thinking about it, I have no appetite. A good restaurant time to time helps overcome them easily while taking its budget.


We learn to always have water on ourselves, bought not in the restaurant but only in grocery stores. Also we learn to eat without drinking to prevent big final bill for just ordering a bottle of water.


What happiness for the feet or the back can sometimes visit a site tour with air-conditioned bus, buggy, with a guide, etc. Although I don’t really like to be with 40 other tourists, it’s sometimes tempting, especially when it’s 35 degrees or the road to the place is sacred hill. But budget requires, I do everything by walking in town or when I take the local bus. Sometimes I rent a bicycle or scooter when the prices are reasonable (always in Asia).

Aguas Calientes et le Machu Picchu

So we still carries a bag loaded with gear for the photo, video with the lens, perch, tripod; to which is added the water bottle. So when you see a nice picture from above, tell you that I have sometimes walk for more than two hours (multiply by four in South America!), I’ve blown like an ox, moaned, made full break but in the end, the reward is great.

You can not always go where you want because the budget imposes choice but generally I prefer to spend a little bit for tours and save elsewhere.

Clean clothes

Between panties hanging on the drying bed, hand washing in basins requested to home or the pleasure of giving her laundry at a laundromat, you must repeat once weekly cleaning and household in the bag back. Although over the month, detergents are oddly spaced out !!


Soon, we ended up jabber a few words in the local language. In four months in South America, I now speak enough Spanish to be able to converse easily, more than nine months cumulative Thailand allowed me to be understood, two months in Indonesia have me add some facilities to exchange in Indonesian.

Sign language is also very well used, paying attention to certain things that do not mean the same thing from one country to another.
Finally, the most beautiful languages, and one that will be understood by all, the smile 🙂


Magic! Whether from local or other travelers, are always good moments of sharing where you learn a lot. Sometimes it is difficult to leave them. We also see again some other on the road. Some even become real friends. Hey to those who will recognize themself!

Hugo et moi, location de vélo à Maipu, Mendoza

The daily in a world tour is also taking his time. This then you meet a lot more people, locals, and allow living things that we could not in 15 days holidays. I remember this afternoon in Argentine stop where have invited me home for breakfast, this Indonesian who take me on his motobike to show me the rice fields around Yogyakarta, this house who welcomed me at night when I was lost in the Andes Mountains in Peru, this Vietnamese family who invited me to the restaurant to make me taste all their dishes …

All these meetings that make even the heavy bag, budget restrictions, the sore foot, are soon forgotten.


In this type of journey, we quickly forget the high heels, makeup, pretty outfits or the simple comfort of a warm bed.

But it really does not matter! I met some girls who are very feminine traveling and I am really impressed because after nine hours of trek, the last thing I think that is what I look like or what I’m going to wear the next day !


It also removes weight quickly in his bag, which of course still takes a little comfort. You anticipated a neck pillow? Your glasses? Or shower bath and other bottles? I just turned after a month to reduce the whole story. So I happen to have a sore neck in the night bus, to be cold on airplanes because no pull or to have fed up of always wearing the same sandals …

I’ll spare you the beauty topic, manicure or hair stylist, yet most accessible thing in Asia at lower cost, … I become again a little girl;)

Take a shower

Forget about shower bath that smells really nice, forget body cream that give yu a soft skin, forget hot showers where we stay just for pleasure. Cold water, sometimes in a single bucket. A soap that lasts two months!

When we get sick

And yes because it happens! We are first really worry because being abroad.

Then we discovered the joys of not own hospitals, the language barrier. In Peru, they prefer to treat injection rather than by drugs. I had a throat infection due to the altitude and so I was obliged to sting me 3 times a day for four days! In Asia, all is not prescribed. Hard to know what we are given at the pharmacy. Fortunately for me I am strong because I have not had any problems yet, and my first aid kit is sufficient.

You’ll understand its importance in the budget every day. It determines where you sleep, what you eat or what you will visit! And then there are the small, simple moments that become magical. A cold beer after 9 hours walk, find a hot shower, eat cheese or drink a glass of wine (rare), or meet friends along the way.

So yes, it is not always a cakewalk but go for it, the reward is magical and we love it!

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