Mr Suhardy, guide on Mount Rinjani

Mr Suhardy (named himself Hardy Krüger !!), 44 yo, has over 20 years of Mount Rinjani. He started as a carrier when he was 15, he exercised profession until 1989 before becoming a guide and trek organizer. He made more than 159 ascents of this great mountain and knows every corner. He is the creator of treks organized today on the Mount Rinjani. In his spare time, when he is not at work or with his family, Mr Suhardy likes to volleyball, table tennis and go fishing.


He gave me an interview where he tells us more about his daily life and his beginnings.


Can you tell us about your background?

I actually started this business with my father in 1988 when two Americans wanted to climb Mount Rinjani. I was carrying at this time. We soon had many customers. The adventure then began. At first, we had nothing, not even a car, and everything had to be done by walking, although the preparations!

In 1989, I became a guide to finish trek organizer today.

What is the job as carrier?

It’s sort of the handyman. He wears course all the equipment (tent, clothing, food, water, etc.). It installs the camp is cooking, take care of customers constantly checking if they are doing well. It also seeks the best places for a better view, better climb. It is very difficult because the packages are extremely heavy. Holders have no free days, they work 7/7 days. Generally the trekking season lasts from April to December. The rest of the time they are a farmer and grow rice.

In 20 years, what has changed?

The site has changed of course, because there are many tourists who visit today Rinjani, but also the organization. When I started, there was only one place for departures and little organizer company. Soon, tourism increased and it became a real business. Prices increased in favor of a better organization.

At first we didn’t earn money. Rp 25,000 per person climbing! Customers had to carry most of their equipment. Mount Rinjani were mainly for professionals.

We also had trouble with the carrier population. The organizers always employed the same people and others being harmed, they catered to come steal the encampments at night. We then met to find a solution. Today, we alternate every trek so that everyone wins. There is no longer any worry. Each earns enough money to feed his family, customers are 10 times less effort and are well organized.


You speak more than 5 languages, how did you learn?

I speak more languages ​​than this … English, American, Australian …. Ahaha! Seriously, I speak fluent English, German and Indonesian of course. I also have good knowledge in French … “C’est parti mon kiki !!”, Dutch and Spanish.

At first, I started to learn from books, dictionaries. I asked tourists to constantly translate my sentences I recopied in my notebook to learn at night. In 2003, I ended up taking English classes and in 2005 German.

Tell us about your typical day

I spend most of my time on the phone between organized tour agencies, drivers, carriers. I manage the whole organization between groceries, the staff. I answer by email to customer questions, I make the briefs every night. I also take care of the equipment checked with my teams, I prepare departures, etc.



What advice would you give to those who want to climb Mount Rinjani?

The only advice is to be well equipped. It is very cold at night and the most difficult course is a sand court. So do not go with only a t-shirt and sandals!

Their details

Phone: +628175750585

Mount Rinjani in Brief

Mount Rinjani is located on the island of Lombok in Indonesia and rises to 3 726m. Departures are treks from Senaru or Sembalun. The trek may take place on 2, 3 or 4 days. This is a very difficult climb and you better be prepared! During your journey, you will pass through the forest, on trails covered with sand and earth. Admire Danau Segara Anak Lake and its hot springs. Plan your swimsuit for a dip there.



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