From Puno (Peru) to La Paz (Bolivia), the long way!

To go to Argentina, I chose to go through Bolivia, and not Chile. So I went to Puno in Peru, to reach La Paz in Bolivia. 10 hours of atypical journey with different transport means and a slightly less friendly border.

Frontiere perou bolivie

The shortest crossing Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia, from Puno to La Paz, is ultimately a journey worthwhile. Taxi to the bus via the boat, I used at least 5 different types of transport!

Peru-Bolivia trip

Puno starting at 7am. We start with a motorcycle taxi, direction Bus Terminal in the city. It is then left for one hour and half by bus to the Peruvian-Bolivian border.

Get off the Peruvian side bus for customs formalities and exit formalities smuggling police. 5 minutes only. Then, we cross the border by walking after exchanging our last soles with different exchange offices.

Once on the other side, Bolivian police “welcome” us with small smile and are actively moving towards the immigration station for the entry into Bolivia. That’s it, we are in Bolivia!

Everybody is going back on the bus which was meticulously controlled during our customs formalities. Direction Copacabana, the first town after 8 km border, still on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Copacabana Bolivie

Then stay one hour in Copacabana for lunch and to change buses. A real mess between the distributions, bus tickets, who must go where. It is really different than the Peruvian well-organization …

After 1 hour trip, same, everybody off the bus. But this time, it is to cross by boat the Strait of Tiquina, haha!

Detroit de Trinita Bolivie

The bus imprint a kind of barge while we use for 2 bs (20 euro cents) motor boats.

Detroit de Trinita Bolivie

Once past strait, we returned to the bus to get to the Bolivian capital FINALLY four hours later that one hour in the traffic of La Paz.

Bolivia, first impressions

Past the border, it is in the middle valleys of a beautiful bright green of sight. On the horizon are emerging forest-covered mountains. Bolivia portends extraordinary landscapes!

Montagnes Boliviennes

Arriving on La Paz

La Paz, Bolivian capital, the highest in the world! In the mid caps and from the top of the town as we arrived. Stunning views of the city, the best viewpoint from our bus seat!

La Paz Bolivie

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