Which journey? Before departure…

A whole year around the world can seem an eternity or only briefly. Everything depends on how and why you do this journey. Discovery of the country and its people? Races monuments?

For my part, I chose to take my time to soak up every moment, every encounter and every culture.

Moreover, you can expect that it will be difficult to be all the time on the road. It is imperative to allow enough time to relax.

How to choose an itinerary?

Before choosing the country stops, cities, it is interesting to list almost exhaustively all you feel like doing. On your list you can combine activities (Rafting, cooking,…) with tourist places, cities or countries.

The most difficult is then to prioritize, classify and choose a reasonable extent that it is possible to do. The organization of flight tickets or the budget also helps remove few steps.

It must in any case keep in mind that this is only the identified route in advance on the outline and that it will change while traveling.

The itinerary I planned

carte itineraire

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So I am leaving Paris February 6, 2014 to start my world tour in South America. First countries, Ecuador and Peru. To prevent Bolivia (personal choice), I will do a mini loop in northern Chile (barely a week) to finish by Argentina.

To Iguazu Falls (Argentina), crossing the border, towards Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) where I will fly 4 June 2014 for South East Asia, including Bangkok (Thailand).

In South East Asia, I plan to go through Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Then some flea jumps in Indonesia with Java, Bali, Malaysia, etc. I have not decided yet which islands I can do and let me surprise there.

My trip will finish in Australia.

I will also try not to fly within the same continent. To date, I have only taken three flight tickets.

And you, what is your world tour itinerary?

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