Thailand useful, before departure!

Country of the day, Thailand! And some practical information before departure to be better prepared.

  • Capital : Bangkok
  • Currency : Baht (THB)
  • Language : Thai
  • Water : Undrinkable
  • Power : 220V, it is better to have an adapter because jacks are often provided with two flat plugs.

Border crossing :

Thailand is a country bordering with Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) and Malaysia. So far, nothing new, simply knowing how to read a map! We say, great! We will be able to arrive in Thailand for the country of our choice.

Whether you arrive by land or by air, you will get on arrival a permit for 30 days in Thailand for free. After this delay, you will be considered as “overstay”. It is good to know because the fine is very expensive for visa overruns; about 500B per day exceeded…

Medical :

In big cities, medical services and facilities are quite good. So no problem to consult a doctor if necessary. In smaller towns, it may be more difficult to seek treatment.

Here are some useful addresses to keep under wraps in case.

  • Bumrungrad Hospital – Tel : 02 667 29 29
  • Bangkok Nursing Hospital – Tel : 02 632 05 50
  • Samitivej Hospital – Tel : 02 392 00 11
  • Saint Louis Hospital – Tel : 02 675 50 00

Best seasons :

Despite different climates from north to south, nothing like a little graphic to illustrate generally the best time to stay in Thailand.

temperature in Thailand all over the year

To be continued !

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