Review : three weeks in Ecuador (anecdotes, good addresses …)

After three weeks in Ecuador, I wanted to make a small review of this country. What I liked, disliked, what notice me. To share anecdotes and comments that do not deserve an entire article but that make this country a wonderful place.

Balancoire de la fin du monde Banos La Casa Del Arbol

What I have seen in Ecuador

  • Priests blessed cars
  • A serving police officers be shining shoes (in the proper sense) or play billiards in the Guesthouse
  • An erupting volcano
  • The “Untouchable” movie (dubbed in Spanish) during a 2-hour journey by bus
  • Children work
  • clouds under our feet
  • The live chickens in the cargo hold of the bus
  • Each centimeter of soil carried on the mountainsides
  • Electrical outlets in the shower
  • The guinea pigs barbecued


My best addresses

Inti & Killa à Mindo : Restaurant – cafe, next to the church, run by a French/Ecuador couple. Great place to relax after a day of walking in the forest.


Banos Market where you can eat great food for only two dollars. Sit at one of the tables of the market center for lunch and enjoy. For the more adventurous, you can choose a grilled guinea pig!

Sur le marché de Banos (Equateur)

The French Bakery in Vilcabamba: baguettes and pain au chocolat as if we were in France. A real treat for the taste buds after only three weeks of meals with chicken and rice. If you request, we can even prepare rillettes!

Did you know ?

  1. In Ecuador, the government allows anyone to operate a piece of land without necessarily having the property. Only condition, declare the operation and cultivate fruits and vegetables to her family and/or people of the region.
  2. Voting is not a right, it is an obligation. All Ecuadorian over 17 who are not present at the polling station must pay a fine. During the voting day, it is illegal to sell or drink alcohol throughout the country (or region).
  3. It is forbidden to consume, to buy or to sell alcohol on Sundays. Objective, be fit on Monday morning for the first work day of the week.


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