International driving licence

Driving abroad for more autonomy. Some people like to move on their own journey. A van in Australia? A scooter in Southeast Asia? Quad in Greece? Whatever your choice, two or three recommendations are needed.

International driving licence

Even if the national driving license is sufficient even in many countries outside of Europe, it is better in a world tour to ask for an international driving license.

This is actually a translation into several languages of your national license. However, the authorities in some countries do not recognize national licenses and they are rather accustomed that foreigners show the International one. Therefore, sometimes it simplifies procedures rentals or control on the road.

Be aware that your international driving license is valid only if accompanied your national license. Basically, it is just a paper to lug around in the bag, but who can really serve for more autonomy!

To apply, simply go to the prefecture, sub-prefecture or town hall of your town as appropriate. It is free and valid for 3 years. You will find all necessary information on the site


Although many countries do not have the same safety regulations (helmet, safety belt, …). Although a two-wheel drive in the bush without a helmet can be exhilarating, we must not forget that the premises do not have either the same conduct … sometimes very too dangerous.

No respect for panels when there is, no speed limit, four rows of cars where there should have only two!; besides pedestrians, animals, the multitude of different transport means to confront at every crossroads … the list goes on and better.

The largest percentage of health concerns / safety during short-long stays is related to road accidents. It is not for nothing that we have to be even more vigilant when driving abroad.

Whenever possible, you should also check the status of the vehicle before taking possession. Brakes? check, Horn? check, Level? check, tires? check, etc, and avoid driving at night.

No stress, however, traveling, take your time and everything will be fine. Have a good trip!

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