Dating and wedding in the Peruvian mountains

In Peru, there are large cities and mountain villages, people of today and the habits and customs of yesteryear.

In the mountains of the Cordillera, Peruvians still live with the traditions of the elders. A guide told me how to make dating, wedding, which are the symbols of these relationships. I transcribed here you.

amour au Pérou

Celibacy and symbols

Single women wear their hair braided into a single plait, while married women (and having a priori children) bear two. It is said that this is comfort for the baby carried on the back. It thus has the face in the middle and can also cling holding both braids with small hands.

Femme mariée au Pérou, deux tresses

There are four degrees of single women and the associated codes so that people can recognize those whose heart is not to be taken.

  • First level: women with no wedding plan and wishing to stay single for now. These are braided or simply let the loose hair. No frills!
  • Second level: women with wedding plans but not being pressed. They add one or two modules in their hair.
  • Third level: women who clearly want to get married and is looking for a husband. These are a plurality of lugs which are then fixed to each side of the head of these women.
  • Finally, the last level: women who are desperate to find a husband and indicate clearly “I am free and available now! “These women adorn their hair strips and wear a hat to which they add color and son of multiple flowers. One thinks of a large flashing sign!

Meet and Reconciliation

In general, always in small mountain villages, people know each other and are quite reserved. It is not always easy to meet someone or at least to approach. Then there exists a typical technique of Peruvian “seduction”.

Once a year and it has long, takes place for a week, the “fiesta patronale”. Alcohol flows freely there and people are partying every night. A month before, men interested in a woman will begin to make her understand their interest by throwing pebbles to tease them. Women pretend they were intimidated and terrified. When they are also interested, so they fit into the game by also throwing pebbles.

Men can then enjoy the party of the Patron Saint the following month to really woo the woman of their choice.

Today, there is also every Sunday a folk festival for young people to meet. This increases the chances and avoid waiting a year.

Marriage proposal and formalization

Once a young couple wants to formalize his relationship and marry, the man must make his request to the parents of the girl.

For this, he lays before the door of the family home a dowry, consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products. The candidate also hangs his sandal in hand on the door. If the next morning, the dowry and sandals disappeared, it means that parents give their daughter’s hand to the suitor.

Wedding gifts

The young couple leaving the parental home to go to his own house, receives gifts representative of what is expected of him. Health and children. It then offers their pans to eat well and blankets for … and some end up with more than enough to them!

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