1 month in Peru, my itinerary

27 days in Peru, thousands of different landscapes and beautiful encounters. Peru is a very tourist country, so there is much to see. From one city to another, nothing is the same. The city without character, polluted and noisy, the village green mountains and relaxing through the Sacred Valley…

Check out my itinerary, somewhat modified over a month, from the coast to the Andes to finish at the Bolivian border on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Carte mon itinéraire au Pérou 1 mois

  • Day 1 : Arrival in Piura in the afternoon from Ecuador.
  • Day 2 : Departure in the afternoon for Trujillo (8 hours by bus).
  • Day 3 : Flag raising ceremony and military parade in the Plaza de Armas in the morning. Visit the city of Chan Chan and its museum. Walk in the city of Trujillo (Central Market, San Francisco Church, the street market in the suburbs north of the city).
  • Day 4 : Visit the Huacas del Sol y la Luna and its museum. Shopping and departure in the late afternoon in Huanchaco (20 minutes by bus).
  • Day 5 : Walk in Huanchaco and on the beach. Talk with fishermen about caballitos de totora.
  • Day 6 : Day of beach, surf and relax. Evening departure to Caraz (8h path, night).
  • Day 7 : Early morning arrival Caraz. City tour and the central market. Afternoon at Canon del Colca and electric dam.
  • Day 8 : Full Day walk to see unsuccessfully Lagune del Paron.
  • Day 9 : Rest day after walking the day before. Tour into the heights.
  • Day 10 : Excursion del Paron lagoon with a guide. Departure to Huaraz at noon and arriving late afternoon.
  • Day 11 : Day tour of the city (Plaza de Armas, artisanal feria, Central Market, Bazaar in the streets of the old city). Lunch with friends found there. Departure to Lima in the afternoon (8 hours of night bus).
  • Day 12 : Arrival in Lima at 5am. Visit the historic district, Plaza de Armas, Plaza San Martin pedestrian Jiron de la Union.
  • Day 13 : Departure in the afternoon to Cusco (21 hours by bus).
  • Day 14 : Arrive at 15h in Cusco. Relaxation and preparation of billets (boleto touristico) to the Sacred Valley and other excursions.
  • Day 15 : City tour (Historical center, San Pedro Market, Plaza de Armas, Regional Museum Historico). Traditional dance evening at the theater.
  • Day 16 : Departure to Pisac in the morning (1 hour by bus). Hiking in the mountains to see the square terraces and ruins. Craft market on the Plaza de Armas.
  • Day 17 : Morning departure to Ollantaytambo (1 hours and half by bus via Urubamba). Walk in the village and surroundings.
  • Day 18 : Visit the ruins of Ollantaytambo. Back to Cusco in the afternoon. Reservation for Machu Picchu.
  • Day 19 : Tour to Maras to see the site of Moray (circular Inca terraces) and Salinas (salt mines)..
  • Day 20 : Visit the Monumento Pachacutec. Rest and friends reunion. Evening at the Museo del Pisco.
  • Day 21 : Demonstration and tasting Pisco whole afternoon at the Guesthouse La Bohème
  • Day 22 : Horse ride to the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, the temple of Luna and of X zone (tunnels “safe haven” of the Incas).
  • Day 23 : Departure to Hydroelectrica (6 hours by bus) in early morning. Walk two hours to reach Aguas Calientes in the afternoon. Walk in the city.
  • Day 24 : Departure at 5 am for Machu Picchu and full day on the site.
  • Day 25 : Return to Cusco in the day (2 hours walking to Hydroelectrica then drive up six hours by bus). Start the evening to Arequipa (7 hours by bus).
  • Day 26 : Miners’ strike in the night on the road and change of direction of the bus. Early morning, arrival in Puno after a few adventures and change several times transport means!
  • Day 27 : Visit to the Uros Islands and walk on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Port lunch (Trout Ceviche).
  • Day 28 : Departure early in the Morning to La Paz (Bolivia), 8 hours trip with a stop of one hour in Copacabana.

So I didn’t visit the Canon del Coca near Arequipa because of minor strikes blocking the southern routes.

I also decided to undertake direct route Lima – Cusco without making a stop in the cities of Huancayo and Ayacucho in order to have more time in Cusco and the Sacred Valley (about 10 days).

I didn’t go to Iquitos in the jungle where he also had to count seven days more and airfare.

The next time !

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