Hello all! I am Gini, the smile on the lips and always full of life! I like to move, walk, cycle, swim, walk the camera taped around the neck.

Spontaneity is my let-motivated and I like to consider myself an experimentalist.

After many trips and short breaks in distant lands, I started in February 2014 a world tour. This adventure took me wonder in South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil) in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar) and Indonesia. I have memories of unforgettable landscapes and the heart of so many enriching encounters! The world is so vast!

I hate being bored and it only rarely happens to me. Routine, I do not know! Today I am still nomadic and I travel around the world with my backpack.

I shall not quench my thirst for travel and discovery. The program, still more adventures! I’ll sail aboard?


Who am I?



What traveler am I?

I travel bag and carefree. Without a guide, without agency, I like to browse a country independently. I do not organize much in advance and advise directly on site. Generally, I know roughly what I want to discover and the rest of the journey is in sandstone dating and possibilities of the scene.

My real motto is to take his time. Too bad if I do not see the whole country in 15 days or a month. What I want above all is to live locally, know and understand the culture and traditions and for that, we must give time to share and stay a little longer at each location.

Aside from my toothpaste and my mosquito net, I saw no comforts of modern society. Small flat anyway on my computer and camera equipment without which my trip would not have the same face.

Every day in full immersion in the discovery of our beautiful planet!