Street Art in Santiago de Chile (Photos)

The capital of Chile is a city with small superficy and with good sneakers, you can easily walk around. That leaves you the time to discover small wonders disseminated in the city. Every neighborhood are different, the modern district, the cultural one, the wild and nature one, etc. And you know what? Street art in Santiago also in its own neighborhood!

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50 days, Itinerary in Indonesia

I spent almost two months in Indonesia between Java, Bali, Lombok and small islands all around (Lembongan and Gili) two years ago. And since I have returned twice. Sumptuous landscapes and people so kind and full of life! I even think I fell in love with this country so vast it would take more than a lifetime to see everything.



In two months, that first trip, I wanted to take my time, don’t go too fast! Here is my Dayney!

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Around Ella, little Adam’s Peak and Ella’s Rock hiking

Ella is a tourist town located in the mountains at 1030 meters high. It is cooler and pines surround this village.


So, what to do to Ella?

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From the sea to the stall, the huge fish market in Negombo

Negombo is the city known in Sri Lanka for the first and last visited because it is the city where the international airport is located. But Negombo is also the largest market for Sri Lankan fish.


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Encounter with Komodo dragons

These big lizards that are found only on the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Dasami and Gili Motang are not sweet little lizards that you can approach or even pet. I went to meet them in two different national parks. You want to know more, it’s here.


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All wet on Songkran, New Year’s Buddhist

The water festival, Songkran, is the celebration of the new year’s Buddhist, all over Southeast Asia. I celebrated in Bangkok in the district of Khao San Road and we can say that out of this festival is like taking a shower fully clothed !!

Songkran (6)

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In the middle of Balinese rice fields, 3 dream’s places!

In Bali, rice fields extend to the horizon. There are many guides who will say that the most beautiful rice fields are in Ubud, but these are probably not the most impressive. I present here three places of dreams to really blow you away.


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Adam’s Peak, it hurts and we don’t care!

Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka, one of the most unique places of pilgrimage in the world. Indeed, it is a holy place for four religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.


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From Thailand to Laos by land border

I went to Laos via the land border in northern Thailand, from Chiang Rai. I tell you the bus, the landscape, how it goes. A simple passage, a border more than easy to cross!


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Wild elephants, we dream of it! It is possible to Udawalawe National Park!

A morning at Udalawe National Park, Sri Lanka, and you will have stars in his eyes. This park competes with that one of Yala which is ten as much larger. However this is THE elephant park, among others, and you will be served.


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