Around Ella, little Adam’s Peak and Ella’s Rock hiking

Ella is a tourist town located in the mountains at 1030 meters high. It is cooler and pines surround this village.


So, what to do to Ella?

Little Adam’s Peak

Its name from the famous Adam’s Peak, yet it has nothing to do with the pilgrimage to 118 kilometers away. This is a small mountain where the view is breathtaking. To get there, you have to walk. Only 15 minutes from town, it then leaves the concrete road to borrow a dirt and worn road. The path is shown.



Then, you walk through the tea fields that stretch to the horizon. That smells really good.


Don’t miss then the second path on your right, also indicated. It must pass a barrier. It then finds the mountainside.

You can cross holders of fagots and women of the village that require you to take pictures with a few rupees tips. The view is not bad at all.



You then have the choice to follow the path that runs around the mountain or take the stairs stone directly to the top.


At the top, the view over the valley with its tea fields is beautiful. Opposite, we see the montain. And below we see a village of houses with tin roofs. It’s really beautiful.

vue route little adam

The return trip will not take more than 1:30 or 2 hours if you took your time like me to watch any butterfly, caterpillar or take pictures.

Ella’s Rock

This walk is really nice to do. The best I think! Departure by walking from Ella. We first walk on the track for about 2km.

The pass is beautiful and very unconventional. Don’t worry if the train is coming, you will hear from far and given its speed, you will have time to push yourself on the side.


If you are lucky like me to be on track in its path, you will have your small dose of adrenaline when it will be close to you safely to his horn.


Just after crossing a bridge, we leave the track to be found on top of a waterfall. One can even climb some rocks to get to tidal water.



Then we walk in the midst of tall grass, forest, tea fields. Gorgeous views. For in the end get to the top and see this magnificent view.

vue pano ella's rock

It takes around four hours roundtrip. Don’t go too late and avoid the warm weather.

Ella Town

This town is quite touristy. On returning in the evening to your Guesthouse, in the dark, look around the fireflies. A fairy tale!

The main artery is dedicated to restaurants and tourist bars where you can dine and relax after hiking.

For the most part, Ella is the starting point to go to Kandy by train. And as you probably know, the famous train with first class panoramic views. Thus, slots are at least 15 days in advance. So if you want to access it, do the same before your arrival to Ella from any train station in the country.

For my part, I took my ticket as usual 30 minutes before but for the second class because I didn’t want to pay Rp 600 extra booking fee in addition to the price of the train ticket.

Happy hiking!

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