From the sea to the stall, the huge fish market in Negombo

Negombo is the city known in Sri Lanka for the first and last visited because it is the city where the international airport is located. But Negombo is also the largest market for Sri Lankan fish.


He is incredible ! Arriving close, one begins to feel the smell of fish and soon we understand why it feels so strong.
On the front of us then reveals extended out of sight of fish drying in the ground. Their silver scales shining in the sun.


Women break the back ground to return and aerate while men always bring more, armed with wicker baskets hanging from a branch of wood.


Farther along the sea, are the sinners who are busy retrieving their boats fishing net and empty them. They then spend time to clean them, removing the smallest fish shaking vigorously. As you approach, they come to talk to you and show you a little what they do with touching kindness.



Away at sea, fishing boats can be seen returning. They are magnificent. So catamaran or sailboat with a balance, the veil is hand stitched brown coppery color of passing time. These are “antiques” in wood that are really beautiful. Of course, there are also motor boats but go less far for fishing.


Finally, at half shade under metal sheets, there has shed / market where locals come to buy fish, fresh every morning. Merchants peeling, cut, weigh their fish and sell them on demand.


The practice corner

For early bird, you can see all the fishermen unload their goods caught in the night from 6am.

For those who prefer to come later in the morning, no problem, the market is open all day.


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