All wet on Songkran, New Year’s Buddhist

The water festival, Songkran, is the celebration of the new year’s Buddhist, all over Southeast Asia. I celebrated in Bangkok in the district of Khao San Road and we can say that out of this festival is like taking a shower fully clothed !!

Songkran (6)

Songkran takes place in April and extends over several days. It is a kind of month of vacation because depending regions, the festival is not on the same dates.

Custom and Culture

The word “Songkran” means “changes.” And this is the case, since in the Buddhist calendar, the year is changed. For local, this is a family sharing time. In Thailand, this is the most important celebration of the year. Families sprinkle water to wash their sins and youth apply clay on the cheeks to wish a happy new year.

Songkran (2)

Let’s go to party!

In Bangkok, there are two main places to attend the festival. It is therefore also the places to avoid if you don’t want to get wet. Sillom Road and Khao San Road.

At Khao San Road, the whole area is closed. The cars can’t circulate. It’s funnier. We walk in the street, full water pistol in hand, and go!

We get water in all directions. A shot water pistol, water bucket, water jet … everything is good for out wet!

Songkran (7)

It’s a real battlefield where children and adults have fun together. That’s what I like in Thailand, most celebrations are with family and everyone plays together. See grandfathers / grandmothers water the kids, it’s so funny!

Songkran (4)

There are of course big water brands stands or other drinking brands that make their promotion. Giant bass that broadcast the trendy electro and gifts with the logo are launched into the crowd.

Songkran (3)

Reckless facing a flooded terrace bar for a break … Haha! They are beset by students who bombard them with water pistol!

Songkran (8)

It’s so hot in the month of April (like 40 degrees in the shade) and especially in Bangkok, finally, it feels good to be washed and soaked.

Songkran (10)

You can reload your water pistol with water for 5 bahts (unable to convert into our currency!) Everywhere. Stand Pistole, street food, water lining the avenues. Even traders sprinkle the crowd !!

The party then continues until even later. We see people who look more like nothing (water, alcohol, clay ….) and are still happily sprinkle!

Attention, you have been warned!

  • Do not wear clothing or frail to which you hold. They will be soaked, clay colored flowing …
  • Do not take your sunglasses or other accessories that you will lose in the battle.
  • Forget all the electronic devices such as your phone or camera, if they are not waterproof.


The video

Pictures of the article are taken from the video because I had no waterproof camera! So I made a short film with my GoPro! Here you are:

It is every year, remains to program your next vacation in Asia in April!

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