Photo trip, what equipment in my backpack?

Like the Japanese which is often mocked, I really love taking pictures. When traveling, every minute, you want to photograph the moment. The trolley with chickens and ducks hanging by the neck, the tuk-tuk and colorful flashing lights, a beautiful face on the market, a llama or an elephant crossing the road. Everything is subject to photograph!

Materiel photo captaingini

And when you love the picture and in addition we had a great trip, and although we team even if it is not professional. So here is a presentation of what is in my backpack and I use to share these images with you every day. This is the heaviest part and most cumbersome of my bag (around 4 kg inclusive, appliances, cables and computer) and it happen some day that I want to stop wearing them on my back … and then, bow, a kid with a face full of life approaches me, and click, I take a picture!

I started with…

I started my journey with a Canon D500 and a 18-50 goal. Something quite practical but don’t allow my taste to do a lot more than the basics, mainly because of the lens! This is usually the first SLR that we buy when we goes upmarket in terms of camera, not completely kill the wallet.

So I traveled cross a part of South America with this device. Here are some pictures!

photo captaingini

The trouble is that I quickly was frustrated not being able to shoot more faces (which I prefer to photograph!). Due to the lens, I had to be pretty close to my subjects to photograph. They can refuse to be shoot by camera or even sent beans into my face on the markets! Besides that one loses all natural when the person knows she is photographed!

So I changed my camera…

Arrived in Asia and for my 30th anniversary, I had a new camera, a great Nikon D300, semi professional with two lens. One for every day: DX 18-135 (already replaced with a 18-140, 3.5-5.6 aperture) and another lens 70-300. And now, There is no problem for my favorite photos, the faces. With this, no problem, I am a real paparazzi 🙂


Regarding the video, it’s really another “job” that I discovered with this trip. I used a GoPro with some accessories such as perch or stationary bike. It’s a difficult part for me because making movies has nothing to do with the photo. You have to imagine a scenario and plans and decision saw on. Difficult to program in advance when we don’t even know what we will do tomorrow! Besides, a GoPro is not necessarily the right tool for the non-sports travel movie !! (due to its onboard camera effect).

GoPro was easier in South America, mainly composed of trek or hike. Visual scans it pay well. But in Asia, it is more complicated because life is the daily journey and it is not always easy to film a scene by sticking the camera to the subject. GoPro = no zoom = not close without bringing the camera to 2 centimeters from your subject! Basically, without cheek, you will have nothing.

Big advantage of GoPro, it is very small and often in less developed countries that people do not know what it is or think of a gadget. This then prevents theft and it is ultimately easier to film by having the camera in the hand than to use my big camera. One does not replace the other, but are complementary. Well, don’t believe that no one has heard of it …. !!

Then there is all the work of cutting and montage and I’m far from an expert! This sometimes take me 2 days or 5 hours, everything depends on the number of rush I have. Many mostly. It leaves especially good memory. To see my travel videos, it happens here on my YouTube channel!

Computer and cables

Forcing with all this material, photographs and video are of high resolution and weigh heavy. I am therefore obliged to have a computer with me to empty the devices every day. I also have a hard disc that I lug around absolutely EVERYWHERE with me. If I lost it, it would be a disaster because I don’t use any online/cloud storage service (I should doing it soon!)

The computer also allows me to work and rush up each film and send you a few key pictures regularly.

How do I take some pictures/movies?

Most of the time I ask the people if I can take a picture but the picture is not the same.

So the best is to sit somewhere in a square, a park, its hand zoom in and shoot away. People don’t realize it and if it does, make them a big smile and show them the photo is the best solution.

Attention! Developed countries can be very annoying for reasons of image rights, etc. In Australia, it is strictly forbidden to photograph children and teenagers under penalty of severe fines or confiscation of equipment.


When I left India 3 years ago, I made a kind of strap cover to visually remove large Canon or Nikon logo and not attract attention to me. The size of the device is sufficient. It’s very convenient, I can keep my camera in my bag with the strap around the neck to lighten the weight without anyone knowing, almost, it’s a camera.

Sangle photo captaingini

And you, what equipment do you carry in your backpack?


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