In the middle of Balinese rice fields, 3 dream’s places!

In Bali, rice fields extend to the horizon. There are many guides who will say that the most beautiful rice fields are in Ubud, but these are probably not the most impressive. I present here three places of dreams to really blow you away.


Depending on the season, the rice fields are different colors. In addition, rice plants are more or less high and let appear or not, the water around. Then moves with the seasons, the land colored red, green yellowed by the sun or the almost fluorescent green in the rainy season.


It is a magical place in Bali. Whether scooter or with a driver or even from your hotel room overlooking the rice fields, the sight of these fields with changing colors will delight nature lovers.


Rice fields in Ubud

These are smaller than others. Very easy to access from Ubud (only up to 20 minute ride from the center). You can see the rice fields from the edge of the road. These are terraced and follow the sides and turning the mountain to give shapes impressive zigzag.


You can get off to walk in the middle, following the paths of mud. So we better reflects how has developed. Each terrace is dug to a pool of water in which are planted rice strands. This is as sparse keys regularly arranged.


The earth is red and when this is not yet the harvest time, it a nice contrast between the green of the forest around the green rice strands and the red earth that shines in the sun due to the water.


The rice fields of Jatiluwih

Squarely included in the UNESCO Heritage, the Jatiluwih rice fields extend over 19,500 hectares, enough to easily get lost in all these shades of green. This is just beautiful!


These rice fields are straighter and spread out of sight. We can not really know when it stops. It is for me the most beautiful in Bali.




We see farmers in pointed hat work the plantations. Everything is done by hand. It is a painstaking job.


They are easy to access from Ubud, it takes about an hour ride scooter. Ask your way from the center is signposted. The ride is also very beautiful. It goes through the middle of villages, temples, forest …

Tourism obliges, there are wooden huts on the road as a toll!


On the road to Munduk

I decided to take the road from Ubud to ride by scooter to the north of Bali. 8-hour journey through the most spectacular scenery as each other. The road is easy although yaw and altitude. I took me a bit of rain earlier in the mountains and it was cold. But it was worth the detour.

munduk (1)

Each bend in the road, it overlooks the valley which is fully-equipped to harvest. The rice fields are terraced or flat. You want to stop all the time to take pictures. Nature dominates and it’s beautiful.

munduk (3)

If you have only one or two weeks on Bali, Get those Ubud and Jatiluwih priority, you will not be disappointed!

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