Adam’s Peak, it hurts and we don’t care!

Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka, one of the most unique places of pilgrimage in the world. Indeed, it is a holy place for four religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.


Located more than 2,200 meters above sea level, not least, you must climb 5500 steps up to the top. It’s difficult, we breath, we groan, we say “we’re crazy”, but it’s magic.

Departure from the city of Delhouse between 2 and 3 am to avoid the crowd and get to the sunrise.



The ascent is so slowly paced in the cool mountain at night. We cross of course some tourists but also many locals who come on pilgrimage. They sing to accompany each step rests and some even sleep on a walk, in the middle of the journey.

I met some really old people who made the journey too, going to really slow but still braving the difficulty.


So this trip is going to light the stalls that line all the rise and neon. We did not realize the spectacle awaits us when making day. We see the lights of the villages in the distance.


There is a passage where people held white wire coils creating a huge spider web. Offerings are mixed inside.


5500 steps later, the hardened body sweat, completely chilled by the wind and 12 degrees maximum, we arrive at the top.

It must then remove shoes (bring socks, it’s freezing!) To enter the temple where a very special atmosphere reign. Parts to wait serve as places to sleep. People are glued one to the other. There on the lower floor of the premises of donations and meditation where they burn incense. Pilgrims ring the bell.

Then, the time comes when everyone sticks, pushes to pile on the side where you can admire the sunrise. That’s wonderful. The sky begins tint of pink and turquoise and yellow. A nice gradient before the appearance of the sun around 6am. Starts then a kind of ceremony.

Monks spend with offerings and push and pray for their passage.

That’s it, it is daytime and we can finally realize the view around us! It’s indescribable, it dominates the world! The mountains around the valley and dizzying.



We begin the descent with everyone. It’s easier than on the way up. I also put half the time even if the steps are high and sometimes difficult to get off.


We meet courageous carriers that brings replenishment above stalls, see much higher. The price of water for example, and also a bit more expensive and we can understand why! We must carry the packs!


Halfway, we begin to cross the jungle and plantations of tea, it’s beautiful. Black falling steeply away give color amidst all this green.

Back in the early morning ready for a well deserved breakfast and hop! on the bus to the next stage. And what we are doing on the bus? of course sleeping !!


On the go and at the top it is freezing cold, we wonder what we did there, why we decided to do this horrible thing that hurts every member, but once back down, we feels so good you forget quickly. It’s a great experience!

Delhouse town

You can not really call it a town. Rather, it is a main street where clump of shops of all kinds. Warm clothing, local candy, teddy bears, toys, baby giant posters, and a bunch of trinkets made in China.

A bridge over the river in the middle and we had people see it wash nightfall.


We meet many monks from around the world come here to meditate. There is also a Buddhist school nearby. Young novice high to a grasshopper, run down the stairs.


Helpfull corner

How to get there ? It must go to the small town of Delhouse, 1h30 by bus from Hatton. There is a bus waiting at the train station.

You can book a hotel in advance or directly on-site, but it’s expensive. No less than 2000 Rps for a rather gloomy room. Knowing that you do not sleep more than 3 or 4 hours.

Do not arrive too early because there is not much to do.

To give you an idea, I set 2:30 to climb to the top and I’m not fast!

* The pictures were taken on the trip back to daylight.


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