Wild elephants, we dream of it! It is possible to Udawalawe National Park!

A morning at Udalawe National Park, Sri Lanka, and you will have stars in his eyes. This park competes with that one of Yala which is ten as much larger. However this is THE elephant park, among others, and you will be served.


The safari is done by Jeep and you quickly understand why. Indeed, it is a large reserve where wild animals live freely and it would be better not being cross on foot!


We start around 5:30 am and arrive at the park at sunrise. Initially, jeeps follow each others but it doesn’t last more than 5 minutes because there are hundreds of different paths and there finds itself alone to observe this wildlife.

By ten elephants who sometimes show some nervousness or hide on our arrival. And that’s fine. It is far from Southeast Asia elephant “shows” where they are “domesticated”, say exploited to the delight of tourists!



Here they are free. Most of them are females. I had the chance to see a male with his tusks.

Did you know ?

Asian elephants are different from those in Africa. They are smaller among others and only the males have tusks.

Also, an elephant eats 20 hours and sleep 3 hours per day.

Some drivers are a team and they are called by phone to indicate where elephants are found.

We’ve also seen some crocodiles, buffaloes. All around a lake where life is in full swing. An elephant bathes, birds of all kinds peck on the banks, spotted white deer … it’s fantastic!




We also saw freshwater turtles, monitor lizards, eagles and birds by thousands, very colorful.




This is a beautiful park. I was surprised by vegetation. I have thought to find myself in a sort of jungle like the rest of landscapes observed in Sri Lanka! But no, it is rather low vegetation with some large trees which are perched toucans and hawks.

I really recommend this safari. Moreover, it ends between 9:30 and 10 am, which leaves you the rest of the day to reach your next destination.

Where to stay? How much is the safari?

To stay there is everything, from simple Guesthouse to 10 stars Resort, not including housing directly into the park even more expensive. No worries, websites like booking.com will do a very good job this time and you can choose what suits you.

Park entrance costs 3000 Rps.

Then you have to add the price of the jeep tour. These are designed to 6 people. The more people in the jeep with which share the cost, the less you will pay. Hence the inability to give an exact price besides depending on the hotel, the prices must vary.

For my part, I paid Rp 2,000 for my room and Rp 3,800 for the tour including the park entrance and the jeep.

Safari, let’s go!


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