Ping Pong Show in Patong or creepy moment

With two girl-friends for a night out on the famous walking street of Patong, we went cheerfully amid the lights. Gogo bars in every corner where the girls dance on the catwalk or “client” and where there is a LOT of alcohol. Out of curiosity, let ourselves go and have experienced the Ping Pong show, shame on us!


Be careful, creepy article, do not read to children if you do not want to have to answer awkward questions!

On Bangla Road, the night is madness! THE Patong street party is completely crowded and extremely noisy. Some people present you every 2 meters, a sign offering alcohol buckets, free drinks for girls, or entries in the nightclubs. And of course, they suggest the famous ping pong show.


There is transvestites in the middle of the street, cigarette vendors, prostitutes, police, beggars and of course, tourists… youth groups, couples, families! It is a gigantic organized mess where you absolutely can’t expect to spend nothing.


Peolple stopped us no less than 20 times in 10 minutes just for Ping Pong Show. We are three girls! This should be something for guys, no? Ok thank you for the cliché, but a girl who shows you her pussy in the face when you know how she is treated, etc … we can’t say that this is an experience to write on your list of things to do!

The program must differ from one club to another (although I’m not sure!). A bit reluctant but still curious, we still decided to go. The show is free but the price of drinks is 10 times more expensive. It will cost you 800 bahts for one beer when it usually 80 bahts.

We arrive in a normal bar with a scene in the middle. The photos, phone, camera is prohibited. Sorry for those who thought they were going to get a voyeuristic session!

The girls arrive barefoot, with no high heels, no spangle. They are naked, without grace, they are old, not pretty. A far from the beautiful Thai bar dancer! They are not even sexy. They take the stage, a jaded face of the one doing the same thing five times a night, 7 days out of 7!

And then, there it is, the show begin! This is a mini show for 3 to 4 minutes each show. The girls arrive, sit, bend forward, buttocks facing you to expel a bunch of pretty amazing and terrifying tricks from their pussy. Razor blade, ribbon, birds, turtles, fish, everything goes. There is one that tends you a balloon, lies down in front of you and throws a dart (not with her hands, eh!) And bursts the ball. There is one that takes a string that does not finish where are hooked needle seamstress or one that introduces water and leaves a kind of brown liquid which might suggest that it is cola .

The program lasts one hour, and after that start from scratch and you have to repay a new consumption 800 bahts minimum.

The mostly male group, raised around the bar are full, glassy-eyed, excited to be here and by girls. Some downright take the stage to try to touch them and dance with them. The guy in charge of security hardly looks from afar, sitting on his chair when he yawns.

It is a sad sight. But given the number of ping pong show which is presented in this street, it is a well established business!


Although little excited by this show (or should I say sabotage) and seeing so dangerous objects that girls extirpate from where you know, not counting live animals could die suffocated (do not laugh! ), we wondered how it was possible. Especially it yet again and again throughout the evening. The answer, a capsule in which they can put what they want. We can imagine then all the possibilities!


This article takes place in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, a specific place then. We find this kind of place certainly in other parts of the country but also elsewhere in the world. So do not make an amalgam reading and don’t do as those who think that Thailand is only that. There is also a very rich culture, splendid monuments/temples, a sacred history and lovely people who work other than in the world of night.

See you soon on the blog !

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