Umbrellas from Borsang

At 8 kilometers from the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand, you will find a small town (really small!) Called Borsang which is renowned for the manufacture of paper umbrellas. We meet a few tourists, but nothing compare with temples and other activities in the area of ​​Chiang Mai! Let’s go for an informative tour, pleasant and delights the eyes.


At Borsang, we visit factories and we go to shopping! Real artists, you will have the pleasure of seeing these men and women at work that transform a bamboo into a beautiful paper umbrella, hand painted.

The manufacturing steps for umbrellas

Made from bamboo and paper, the production of umbrellas is a real handicraft. For a single umbrella, there are no less than 10 different items! Here main imags of manufacturing steps thereof.


1. Color paper in dye baths before locking up


2. Manufacturing and the handle of each piece of the umbrella


3. Size of whalebone, drilling and threading



4. Assembly of whalebone and fixation on top of the umbrella


5. Paste the paper on bamboo frame


6. Drying umbrellas on the sun


7. Cut the extra paper, folding umbrellas and fixation with elastic to keep them closed


8. Hand Painting designs on each umbrella (flower peacock geometric shapes …)


Manufacturing video

City of Borsang

Whatever the chosen transportation to get there, you will reach the entrance of the city, under the door. Immediately on the right is the largest factory where the tourist buses have their own parking! So there is a big crowd and showroom where prices are multiplied by 5 in comparison with other shops in the city.

I suggest you to do this big one at the end but not avoid it because we discover truly all the process of making umbrellas in detail.



Start by the main artery of Borsang and enter each factory you will see. The people of this city are particularly friendly and will show you with pleasure their work. In addition, you might find to buy umbrellas, paintings or fans at unbeatable prices!

How to get there (cheaper and faster!)?

To get to Borsang, simply taking the white vans (not red!) From Warorot market in Chinatown of Chiang Mai. It will cost 15 baht (40 cts €) per person.

The truck can be up to 10 people (11 if we seat with the driver!). Simply hail it when you see, get in and watch for your arrival point to Borsang (ask the driver, it will be easier!). When you want the driver stops, press the switch.

To return, hail a white van on the opposite sidewalk.

Good ride!

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