Top 100 daily in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia is different between Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Although these countries either bordering and have the same original culture, history, tourism and war have each developed at its own pace. One then finds details specific to each or in common.


So here is my Top 100 and it’s not all … of small details that make us feel in Southeast Asia.

  1. Driven scooters without helmets over two people on
  2. All foods can be placed on sticks
  3. People who spit freely
  4. Horns that say “I pass”
  5. Terry towels on heads of Burmese Women
  6. Children playing with a kite and spinning in Myanmar
  7. Every dogs have a coat in northern Laos
  8. Schoolchildren who cluster around street food kiosks at the end of school
  9. The ding dong from 7 eleven shop
  10. Plowed fields with buffalo carts in Myanmar and Vietnam
  11. Always look on the wrong side before crossing the road
  12. Covered music by Thai singers in public places
  13. The men who play cards all afternoon after a funeral in Myanmar
  14. Taxis and buses are pink, orange and fluorescent green in Bangkok
  15. The showers in the toilets which replace the toilet paper
  16. People who are well aligned to the subway doors tail and waiting quietly everybody down before getting on the skytrain to Bangkok
  17. Street food with meat stick, noodle soups and other dishes all over the street, all over the day and night
  18. Thais who stop walking, moving, etc. at 8am and 6pm ​​every day in public places at the sound of the national anthem
  19. Women riding a scooter in a hand, the other holding an umbrella to protect from the sun in Laos
  20. People in pajamas on the streets of Vietnam and Cambodia
  21. Water bottles always filled to the brim and flowing over you when you open it
  22. The king of Thailand photo absolutely everywhere
  23. The masseuses and beauticians on the beach
  24. Cats with docked tail
  25. Chickens and roosters in buses and tuk-tuk that circulate freely
  26. Local who bathe all dressed (jeans, shirt, sweater)
  27. Women who pat the objects of their stands with tickets to attract luck
  28. Offerings placed around the street, cars, homes
  29. Uniform everywhere, to school, drivers, vendors, everyone goes there
  30. Motobikes with a huge cargo all around the rear wheels
  31. Children using bikes too high for them
  32. Market stalls on the floor
  33. Wooden houses on the verge of collapse in Laos
  34. Men immersed in the lakes all day to fish
  35. Children playing in the street with everything, sandals, yoyo, etc … screaming with joy and laughing
  36. Hairdressers and seamstresses on the footpath
  37. Monks under their umbrella that protects from the sun
  38. Red rotten teeth because of chewed betel and lime in the countryside
  39. Hammocks hanging in the tuk-tuk for drivers who make napping
  40. Many inscriptions written in French in administrative buildings due to colonies
  41. Advertisements directly painted on the walls or benches
  42. Children under 10 years old driving scooters
  43. Dogs who sleep everywhere and anywhere (middle of the road, sidewalk, on top of a wall …)
  44. People practicing Tai-chi in Myanmar and Vietnam at dawn
  45. Small fires on street corners to warm up to Laos
  46. Large jars in gardens in reserve rainwater
  47. Women whose makeup thanaka, a yellowish white powder made of tree bark base thanaka, leaves white marks on face
  48. People pants, warm jacket, gloves and hat by 40 degrees to protect themself from the sun
  49. Fishermen who row with their feet in Myanmar and Vietnam
  50. Birdsong and crickets all the time, even in the city
  51. Women who show their baby for the picture
  52. Open schools where the children stand up on arrival by welcoming you
  53. Police officers who use excessive of their whistles without really knowing why
  54. Monks and students who come to talk to you to practice their English
  55. Loud music in the bus on the entire journey … and local music for sure
  56. Women who remove lice from hair’s friends
  57. Ever beautiful sunsets orange and blue sky every night
  58. Buses whose floor is wooden
  59. The culture of selfie is not a legend, particularly in Thailand
  60. Fans everywhere by way of air conditioning
  61. Some places of worship are prohibited to women, usually close to the Buddha statues
  62. Thin and unstable canoes to cross the Mekong
  63. Streets that watered all day to bring down the dust
  64. Combs fixed in the hair of women in Myanmar
  65. The cult of the uniform (student, driver, clerk, all trades, to each his suit)
  66. Red lights fixed on the road in front
  67. Fireworks farting all over the beach
  68. The tangle of electrical son galore falling on the street
  69. Fish wriggling in water tanks on markets
  70. Buses and trains without window
  71. Flowers to offer packaged in newspaper
  72. Wicker baskets as a dustbin
  73. Trees covered with ribbons and offerings
  74. Hundreds of shoes outside the temples and some shops
  75. Children plastic tables and chairs, to eat on the street in Vietnam
  76. Extremely heavy rainfall during the rainy season but only an hour
  77. Children who accompany their parents to work on days when there is no school
  78. Strange fruit, some in snake skin, other hairy or smelly but that really are delicious
  79. Butterflies everywhere, all the time
  80. Sea or river water so clear that you can see your feet and fish from the surface
  81. Dog heads exposed on small Vietnam market
  82. Village women who take bath at sunset in the river, all dressed
  83. You can drink any kind of thing all the time, ice tea or coffee, fruit shake galore …
  84. Flies made hunting with a fan motor and plastic bags that are placed on top of the meat market
  85. The first floor of the buildings begins on the ground floor
  86. The equivalent of our garden gnome is a statue of a little fat kid who laughs in Thailand
  87. Spiders size which makes want to die any arachnophobe
  88. Gazebos, wooden huts and palm leaves that are arranged throughout the campaign so that people sit in the shade.
  89. Durian (Asian fruit) is prohibited in trains, in taxis and administrations because it smells really bad
  90. The lady boys whose peaople custom said they bring luck
  91. Married in black dress in Myanmar
  92. Distributors of drinking water, 40 liters for the equivalent of one euro
  93. Geckos (a type of lizard) in houses that make a sound very loud and strange
  94. Drivers whose services shouting tuk-tuk every 2 meters
  95. Buses that stop where you want to be dropped. Similarly to mount, simply lift the arm
  96. Many children with Superman, Spiderman or Batman t-shirts
  97. Entire sidewalks covered with scooters and motorcycles
  98. Showers with hot water are electric showers
  99. Baby girls with a silver ring on the ankle
  100. Signs “Elephant careful”

Who wrote me the following numbers?

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