Tip # 4 -from Iguazu to Rio by bus, cheaper

Puerto Iguazu is the city to visit the Iguazu Falls, Argentinean side. In less than an hour by bus, it is very easy to reach Foz de Iguazu (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). Falls are indeed on the border of three countries.

Carte Iguazu

From Argentina, if you want to return by bus to one of the major Brazilian cities such as Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro (which I did), it would seem obvious to go first in Brazil. Well no, budget and time issue, Paraguay is much more interesting. Meanwhile a price decreased by 50%.

  • From Puerto Iguazu to Rio de Janeiro, straightaway: 1200 pesos.
  • From Puerto to Cuidad del Est and then Rio: 800 pesos.
  • From Puerto toFoz del and then Rio: 1900 pesos.

Both payable from Puerto Iguazu Bus Terminal which allows you to give your lastest pesos. Regardless of the away taken, you will anyway spend between 20 and 22 hours drive. So what choice do you do?

Puerto – Rio route

We begin by going to Cuidad del Este, 25 pesos, 1 hour away. The bus leaves from Puerto Iguazu and passes through Brazil without stopping the Brazilian border posts to join Paraguay. So we went to Argentina exit and Paraguay entrance borders.

But beware ! Ciudad del Este is a big city, complement stuck at the border. Customs therefore find themselves in the city. The bus aims to take you into town and just drop you to your final destination. Ask the driver to wait for you at the border crossing time to stamp your passport. If you are lucky, because they usually do not wait, you can finish the 15-minute ride to the bus terminal.

Otherwise, you will pay for a taxi, hard without currency of Paraguay. For my part, I had the chance to be in traffic jams. The bus then so did not advance and I could go back inside. This also means that we must not leave your bag on the bus, otherwise, bye bye trousers and the last packet of rice!

Paraguay has 1 hour less than Argentina and Paraguay and bus are often 2 to 3 hours late. Calculate well off for not having to spend too much time waiting.

Change your currency before for a few reals because the meal is not included in the ticket price and you might have a little bit hungry during the 20 hours trip!

For budgets a bit higher, fly!

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