Thank you to all travelers!

A year around the world, more than 250 people with whom I shared a dinner, a simple visit or several days. So it’s time thanks to all of you whom I have bumped into each other on the road.

Thank you for your kindness, giggles. Thank you for participating in this journey that is the most wonderful, thank you for telling me your story, for allowing me to share your adventure. Thank you for these beautiful moments, evenings around local beers and wines, delicious foods. Thank you for the hiking, biking, lounging, beach, diving, discoveries days… Thank you for the gifts and support.

And above all, thank you for sharing a unique world view, that of seeing further!



The list is unfortunately not complete because not holding a dairy book, I forgot some names! So don’t blame me too much if you do not find you there. Here we go !

Jack, my first encouting for the bike and the view of the volcano erupting, see you in Brisbane soon! Rick and his natural phlegm, Marie-Gabrielle and her vision of a better world, Eefje for Quilotoa Loop, crazy Davita in bungee jumping, Ann Katrin around a glass of wine, Michelle and Stephanie from Quebec. Paolo that I saw throughout my trip and I hope that will recross in Australia, Agnes, Karlos the artist, Judith who I saw again in Rio and Cory and his motorcycle to our absurd evenings and for my Spanish classes, Mickael and its best photos, Alberto my guide on the Laguna del Paron, Mathilde and Daniel for frenchies friendships, Sarah’s pancake at Bohemia, Anne-Laure and Vincent for the discovery of Pisco, the laughter and all the rest (wait to see you;)), Sergio for the ride on horseback, the two Bea and Pascale. Valentin and Robin to Machu Picchu, the bikers on the death road in Bolivia, my Jeep’s group in the Salar del Uyuni, Manolette on her bike, Ignacio and the visit of Bodegas, Nelly for my 30th birthday in Buenos Aires and our frenzied nights, Julien and Nicolas, and Geoffrey for the circuit chico, fondue, wine and evenings for which only the camera remembers, Martin and psychology. Special dedication to my Julie and her rabbit, we are still in touch after just one evening of small talk. James and Harvey and the ascent of Mount Fitz Roy and Pauline, Aurélie, Elodie, Cecile, Damien, Fabian, Alejandro, Jana, team from Ushuaia. Kerrie and Vicki, Yuri, Carlos, Harry and Roxanne 😉 to our sofas days and chori pan in Buenos Aires. Jabi and Mokel then reviewed the Iguazu Falls, Meg for rescue, Céline and Vincent, Nicolas and Linda. Aurelio for having me on Rio and his friends, Margaret, Sarah and my customized sweat shirt, Nutella and sausage from France to Thailand (happiness!), Demi peche, Thomas and William, Tobias, Eric and climbing the gate at 6am, Elliot, Victor, Wasu and Titan for the final world cup Germany – Argentina, Rita, Charles, Sandy, Aki Katsu;) Jason and Dewi, the Chiang Mai team. Sunshine and unbeatable prices to fly in Asia, Maxime and his love of Indonesia, Lina, Raffi good deals and the week on Bangkok, Steven and Maria for the Singapore evening, Aude and Angélique and the spectacle of shadow in Jogdja, Françoise, Cecile, Lüder, Camille and Laura. Selina, Dominic and Lotte on a beach in Java lanterns, Larissa and surfing, the young Mary in Kuta, Dominique in snorkelin on a wreck, Rafko through which I could leave Indonesia by plane, Sandra, Adrian, Sophie, Maud, Vanessa and manta rays, Jason, Johnny, and Neusita and her thousands tattoos, Silke, Andria from Indonesia and our cultural exchanges on the lives of women worldwide, Cedric and Amandine on kayak in the Halong Bay, Aurelie, David and Vietnamese wine, Delphine for our stay in Myanmar and our Buddhist selfies, Doriane, Ina, Damien, Nicola and Aline for their Italian smiles, Felix and tooth brushing over, Long for his wisdom and discussing about life, Adele and Max for our almost 2 months… too much to tell and long live to the president;), Martin and homestay on a really small island, Camille and Thomas for sharing your trip to India. Kenza, Hassiba, Titi, Alicia, Rémi and Charly, the sushi team of Phnom Penh, and finally, the three sweeties Lucas, Mika and Allan in Koh Rong.

I don’t forget also all the inhabitants of every country I can’t thank enough for their hospitality and charity. I think of this Quechua family that I stayed a night, lost in the Andean mountains where I had nowhere to sleep, to this Indonesian who dragged me on his scooter all day to make me discover the rice fields just for fun, to this old Vietnamese lady who offered me tea and asked me to tell her who I am, the Brazilian guide who explained me the entire life of the Santa Marta favela, guesthouses hosts in Argentina, like a second mom, Burmese who at 3 am found us a hotel just to be nice, the Vietnamese tourists in Laos that made me taste the joys of Lao Lao and their vodka! The Argentine couple whom took me a ride and a tour of the whole region, another, still hitch-hiking who invited me for breakfast, and I forget hundreds but their faces are still in my memory.

And I also thank my friends (especially… haha, no favoritism;)) who have taken news throughout (the magic of the Internet), which followed (some with passion, eh Didi;)) my adventures that visited me and shared a bit of adventure, who supported me, who understood. Everybody in the shade also made this trip a shared trip, enjoyed and magic.

All these encounters without which the trip would not exist.

But no worries, another journey begins, the next adventures happen in Australia and futher. It left for a year in the land of kangaroos, and always will be on the blog (not to mention that I have a lot of articles late !!). Soon for new adventures and new friends.

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