Temples, boxing match & market, what to see in Bangkok?

Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is a city of culture and modernism. There is absolutely everything, whether temples, department stores, modern buildings … It takes easily more than a week to go around.


So between visiting monuments, parties and markets … Here are my top things to see and do in Bangkok.

Amulets market

Throughout the Phra Chan Street and beyond, there are amulets stalls of all kinds. Some are bronze, brass, stone, enclosed in transparent boxes or put into pendants.


This market is unique, you will come across that are local. Monks and drivers come there to buy their lucky charms. Representations in stone and bronze recognized monks or Buddha are also for sale.


Strangely, you’ll even find used dentures that are sold!


Flower market

Chak Phet Street, runs a daily flower market. It is a place that feels good and where each stand is colored orange, purple or pink. It takes about 30 to 40 baht for a bouquet of roses!


There are flower stalls to offer but also stalls of flowers for offerings. These are garlands or necklaces tiara.


Trucks come early, loaded to the brim and deposits packet flowers wrapped in newspaper. They are also sold as is.


The best known and largest of Bangkok, 5 minutes from Chinatown Pak Khlong Talat is called but it is really lively in the evening.


Wat Pho, costs 200 baht. I think is the real major monument and one of the oldest temple in Bangkok. This is a reclining Buddha over 43 meters long and 15 meters high covered in gold leaf. It is very impressive and really beautiful. His foot are inlaid with mother of pearl. All around, there are more than 1000 Buddha images.


The Royal Palace, more expensive (500 baht) but really beautifull. An area over 21 hectares, extend many different buildings each other. It’s majestic. Each place is stylized, carved, ornate with gold, mirrors, mosaics … It takes 3 hours to walk in it. Beyond the royal residence, you will find a monster amount of stupas, temple, statues, arch, garden. All forming a beautiful place. The Emerald Buddha temple is located within the Royal Palace.



Wat Arun, on the right bank of the Chao Phraya River. It represents the dawn, symbol of life. It is very difficult to climb the stairs because the altitude is very strong (symbol of difficulty climbing the steps of life!). I have also not been able to go up because I was scared of high. This temple is very beautiful, with carved stone and inlaid.




Suddenly, we arrive on Yaowarat Road, and we find ourselves overwhelmed by a different atmosphere. As a transporter, we literally travel in China. Signs, advertisements, signs, all is in Chinese! The features of the faces have changed, we no longer say “Sawadee …” to say hello but “ni hao” in Chinese. It is a beautiful walk among chinese medicine stalls with dried plants and other strange animals, hanging lacquered duck.

chinatownbangkokcg (2)

In the middle of the street Yaowarat, two perpendicular streets are arranged face to face in the market every day. This is a jade vendors bazaar, confectionery, fresh fish and trinkets of all kinds. All pedestrial.



Real living spaces, channels show the old Bangkok, as there was hardly 30 years. Wooden houses on stilts above the water, mutant fish, lizards … Children make us sign hanging from their terrace, women do the dishes or cooking.


This is an interesting contrast between the old Bangkok and modern one with its towers, its business district and major shopping centers!

The tour is made on a typical Thai boat. A tip, go to Thai pier and not tourist pier, it will cost you half price! Lucky you, you’ll even be alone on the boat.


Khoa San Road and Rambuttri Village

This is the quintessential corner backpackers. Composed only of tourists, it is often the first and last place that we see in Thailand. This is a good springboard that allows shopping and prepare next trips.


This is also where you find the cheapest rooms in Bangkok, but beware, authentisme level, it’s not quite Thailand!

Nana Plaza

In the heart of Bangkok CBD, is one of the liveliest places in the evening. Bar galore, expat, Thai, you can choose. Between debauchery and watered evening, billiards, girl, theme bar (like this one which give you a smack on the bottom at the entrance !!), you necessarily find something to remember this evening and your wallet will remember as well!

Fighting Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

Almost every wednesday on the front of MBK (National Stadium BTS) to 18h place matches of Muay Thai free. These are official fighting and the organization is very well done so that everybody could enjoy the show. To know exactly which day and when it happens, let see on their Facebook page (you can as well ask per private message, they will reply almost instantly)

muaythai (1)

muaythai (3)

Whether you like Thai boxing or you’re just curious, this is a good place to see a real clash for free!

And you, what do you advise?

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