Tam Coc or the Halong Bay on land

The Halong Bay on land, finally a relaxing, quiet, away from the bustle of Hanoi and Halong Bay, very touristy.

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Located about 100 km from the capital of Vietnam, you can visit the Halong Bay on land by going directly to Ninh Binh or Tam Coc. I chose the option #2 and I visited all the surroundings with my motobike!

Tam Coc

Tam  Coc is a small town in the heart of an explosive landscape. Indeed, the Halong Bay on land is also a landscape of karst sugar loaf that fall into the river. Visits are made by boat or motobike.

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In reality, there is a street where expensive restaurants and hotels have settled. Buses arrive daily and dump the tourists at the pier for the ride on the river. And yes, the Halong Bay on land is visited in a boat in which women are rowing with their feet! In two hours of navigation on the river, you will pass through beautiful landscapes and natural caves.

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The pontoon, it is a great mess of boats parading to embark tourists. Maximum two people per boat, entrance fees 120 000 dong to which must be added 150,000 VND by boat. Only!!! Besides we will try to sell you snacks and drinks during the tour, of course.

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It is possible to make the boat from other places such as Thung Nang or Trang An. The prices are the same and the tour also.


The surroundings are quiet, there are rice fields out of sight. While driving, you will pass through small villages where people are smiling, welcoming. then observed the Vietnamese rural life. The houses are open to the outside, men drink coffee while playing cards, others are fishing on bridges.

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Women keep children, working at home or in the fields where buffaloes give the joy of the mud.

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Around Tam Coc, it is possible to visit one or two pagodas and Chinese temple Thai VI rebuilt in 1589 where stands a marble well in the center.

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Halong Bay from above

To admire the bay on land in a single view, go to “dancing cave” where you can climb the 500 steps to the top. It does not take more than 30 minutes round trip! On the top you will see the mountains, the river and its fishermen, rice fields and even the city in the distance.

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Admission is 50,000 VND. I managed to negotiate not to pay for parking!! haha.

What price?

Count 100,000 VND for renting a scooter and 80,000 dong for fuel.

To avoid paying the parking (which in reality are not paying, but as you are tourists!), Park upstream of the site you want to visit and get on foot.

All this is possible to do from Ninh Binh no problem. It’s just a bigger city without much interest but you will easily find something to eat and sleep for smaller budgets.

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