Over the moon in the White Temple in Chiang Rai

10 kilometers from the Chiang Rai city, you will find this white temple named Rong Khun temple. It is a marvel of construction, totally immaculate, a white that hurt the eyes in bright sunlight.


When you travel south of Chiang Rai, you arrive directly to the temple. Already riden your means of transport, the show is already intense!

This temple is completely white to reflect the purity of Buddhism. Mirrors are inlaid everywhere to represent enlightenment. This is a beautiful and really impressive place. Perhaps one of the most beautiful temples I’ve seen in Thailand.


We begin by turning around. We admire the details, and there are many. This temple is recent. Its construction was completed in 2008! Built by an artist, the goal is to honor the current King Rama IX. Therefore, we find very modern elements mixed to other more conformist. The temple itself follows the architecture of a Buddhist temple with its reinforcements on the roof, the chiselled details of the bridge and arcades.


But there are also contemporary elements such as the statue of a woman with three naked and drop offs breasts, or even skulls placed here and there.


To enter into the temple, we cross a bridge where two enormous tusks form a passage for entry. All around, the creatures of hell emerge. There is even an articulated arm, like the Terminator arm.


Most impressive in terms of art within the temple is inside. Instead of classic frescoes of Buddha or other sacred symbol is a huge drawing by artists and street art who rebuke the popular culture of our last century. We find the ships of Star Wars, a Michael Jackson dancing the moon walk, the logo of Pink Floyd … Photos are not allowed inside but I did a small picture here to give a thin idea what it gives.


Next to the temple, there is an art gallery which displays works of the artist. If you like one of them, please do not hesitate to buy it because it is with sales of paintings that construction is financed. In addition, the temple was partially destroyed in 2014 and the artist has reconstructed the missing parts.

No worries, the biggest temple is still standing as you see in the pictures!

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