One sunrise and one crater: Bromo volcano in Java

Bromo is THE Java volcano. Its highest point is 2329 meters, the crater is 800 meters diameter and 200 meters deep. Best of all, after admiring the sunrise over the volcano, it is possible to go to close to the crater!


A magical experience that I share with you in this article.

Bromo is part of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, the input costs Rp 250,000. There are different way to go to see it in organized tour, with private driver or on motobike by yourself! The three possibilities are not only a question of budget, but also motivation.

For my part, I decided to treat myself through an organized tour all included, even entrances to the sites, and more things to see in the day.

Sunrise on Bromo Mount

We must start from the center of Malang at 2 am to ride maximum 3 hours in the dark, on a difficult road full of pot-hole and soil. The view is high, and the temperature does not exceed 12 degrees … It can be difficult to get there on motobike!


So I went into the night with 4 other people in addition to our driver aboard a beautiful red jeep. At 5 am, we are finally at a point of view. It’s really freezing. Fortunately, I borrowed a coat and a scarf but even with that it’s difficult. There are plenty of local renting warm clothes if you have not planned!

Mount Bromo is a popular tourist activity, that means we end up with easily 3,000 people on a small space waiting for 1 hour to see the sunrise. Not that it is not beautiful, but too crowd spoils the moment. I don’t like crowd, especially when one is faced with such a landscape, then …. it is not the part I liked most!



Starting again, there is another place where you can see Mount Bromo and where there are very few people. If you do it alone, stop there. You will be more relaxed and have the same view!


Bromo Mount and its crater

The best of the visit in my opinion! It’s not every day that you can walk to the edge of a volcano crater in activity … Jeep brings us to the foot of the volcano. The place is amazing, unreal. It’s like being on the moon. A deserted place, covered with gray-brown soil.


The wind sweeps the dust and you can not see far from 100 meters. Mules are roundtrip those who do not wish to walk. This gives the impression of being in another world!


Then you have to walk again and again, and climb the 253 steps before reaching the top. It’s still a crowded place but it’s funnier because the space is large. The people that you come across are gray with dust, armed with mask. The mules trotted past us.


From the top, the view is breathtaking. On one side, it borders the crater, ready to fall in steam clouds. You could almost touch them. It’s impressive.


On the other side, it overlooks the entire valley to the lunar landscape. We see the mules away and the mountains around.



Once we leave Mount Bromo, one quickly leaves this lifeless area. Some ten minutes later, we find ourselves in a different setting. The mountains are green and you walk in the middle of the savannah in autumn colors. The crowd has disappeared, there is still one or two jeeps that take advantage of the stunning landscape.


The day ends with a visit to a waterfall in the early afternoon. It is completely tired. If your driver’s nice, it will be a detour to one or two temples. On the way back, we admire the fields hillside, wooden house and the farmers who come home from work, the ax and the wood on the back.



A beautiful day and a magical experience!

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