My troubles in world tour

I am naturraly positive and I don’t really retain bad things. Besides, traveling, the worst troubles are generally those who become fabulous memories then. However, there are those that block one end of the trip (a tiny bit!). So here are my troubles around the world.


I have listed three I would have liked to avoid. Theory of 3? I let you judge …

Airline ticket scam

I bought my ticket to go to Vietnam in Thailand (but it could have happened anywhere, nothing about the country!). I returned several times in the agency because I had to change the dates, make a visa, etc…

A week later, at 4 am, with my backpack, I’m going to the Bangkok airport, ticket in hand. Arrival at check-in, the hostess tells me that there is nothing on my name. After an hour waiting for the customer service opens, it explains that the reservation was made but never paid. So I didn’t have flight booking that day because the price for a new ticket was out of my budget.

Returning a month later in the town and the agency where I had bought my ticket to Vietnam, I learned that employees have made “fake” reservations for one to two weeks before flee with money. A frame-up! No possibility of reimbursement or anything. Fortunately, the inter-Asia flights low cost does not exceed 50 euros!

Small advice, always ask to edit you the real ticket, it reduces the risk!

Theft of money

In a city in Thailand (I prefer to keep the unknown location since it is not the most important), $1,000 (not a small amount!) had stolen from me in my seat bag I absolutely guard all the time on me. Sometimes I let it in my bag that I carry on my shoulders.

Sécurité papier en voyage

The most annoying in this story is to not know how someone could access them. I unfortunately see only two solutions. Either someone was able to open my lock (possible!) Or persons with whom I did a bit of road, took advantage of my trust and an absence of two minutes to serve themself!! I try to remember each moment, I have not found other opportunities since I never separate myself from this bag. If the thief reads this, he will laugh loudly … !!

Well let’s stay positive. It one less country to visit but hey, I console myself with the rest of the whole trip!

Motorbike accident

When I arrived in Cambodia, I started by visiting the Ratanakiri region in the North East. A region which left great hopes trek in the jungle trekking with elephant or swimming in the crater of a volcano or under waterfalls. I unfortunately couldn’t make it!

The first day, I rented a motorcycle to browse some 10 kilometers that separated me from the city center to see the waterfalls. I never arrived. Red earth road, strewn with sand conquer my conduct crafted over months. I caught a tree branch in the sand, the front wheel is gone, the motorcycle slipped and with me. I flew with some grace and landed in the bushes on the roadside.

Fortunately for me, I had a helmet and I was not driving more than 20 km/h. So there was more fear than pain. People around came to help me up, took care of me. Other tourists, also on motobike, have even stopped to see if everything was okay.

I was in shorts and flip flops, bad idea! Scuffed knees, calf bleeding cut, blow on the nose and lip and notch more serious on foot! Admittedly superficial but I had pain to disinfect all. I could finally use my medical kit that I carry in my bag from the beginning without having utility!


accident captaingini

My dreams of trekking and swimming are gone and I put a week to walk again without a limp or pain without screaming in the shower.

This would largely been worse but if we keep the spirit of travel and discovery and I unfortunately couldn’t talk about Ratanakiri region…

Although it is not all easy days, traveling is a joy in every moment. So even though sometimes we have the blues because it just happened to us something not excellent, it starts, smiling because the best is still to come!

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