Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, to do or not?

I am not really into zoos or other place that are caged animals. Even if the desire is often there to observe wildlife that we see anywhere else and hug those little furry animals, I will not participate in this kind of slavery! At least that is how I see it. So when I learned that a koala sanctuary was close to Brisbane, I have long thought. So to do or not?


The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary helps protect the species. It’s not really even a zoo if we see other animals in cages. Koalas are passive animals that sleep all the time and are unfortunately going to disappear. This type of place used money from visitors to help maintain the species. The Lone Pine Koala Santuary existed since 1927. It is therefore not taking a forced slavery of animals and horrible living conditions as can be seen in elephant camps and tigers in Thailand!


So for our pleasure and to help associations, yes I think we can go there and smile before the admiring gaze of children and adults.


Pens koalas are open and extremely well maintained. You can discuss with the trainers and participate in free presentations explaining their lifestyle.

Touch a koala, a kangaroo and a snake

Kangaroos are in a large enclosure, really big, the size of a field and relax in the sun or jump everywhere. They are mostly born in the park and are accustomed to humans. So you can approach them at your leisure and photograph them closely. Anyway, when they are tired, they go away! Healers are there to take care and everyone respects their living, we are in Australia!


For koalas, that’s another story. There is a kind of stand where you can get your picture taken with a koala in her arms. You pay $ 18 for the photo. If you don’t want to spend extra money, you can simply ask the trainers but you can not take any pictures, just enjoy.


This is the part I didn’t like. Yes, now we can fell we are in a zoo! Koalas enchainent arms and even if they tell me they are not stressed and trainers change koalas every 30 minutes …. um, it doesn’t please me. So no pictures for me!

For snakes, it is the same, $18 the photo with a beautiful snake around the neck!

Did you know ?

Koalas have two opposite thumbs, much like primates, surprisingly given that their evolution just different from monkeys! In addition, they have fingerprints as those of humans. They are unique for each koala. It is difficult to distinguish fingerprints of koala and human!


Other animals

The sanctuary hosts many other animals. There emus loose in the bullpen kangaroos.


There is also lizards, crocodiles and even a barn where there are pigs and other farm animals. All typical Australian animals are represented, Tasmanian devils, wombats, dingoes and reptiles of all kinds but in cage.



The shows and performances

According to the schedule, you can participate in various performances. Explanations and demonstrations of snakes, falconry show (flying eagle), etc. Look at the schedule at the entrance and plan your visit on!


How to get there

If you don’t have your own vehicle, no worry! A direct bus (No. 430) leaves every 30 minutes from the B4 platform at Queen Street bus station, in the CBD, and leads you directly to the entrance of the sanctuary in 50 minutes. It is the same for the return. The cost is from $ 6.70 !!

Notice also for cycling enthusiasts who can easily browse through the 13km that separate central Brisbane the sanctuary.

Usefull information

The center is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Admission costs $35 per adult and $22 for children. If you buy your ticket at a tourist information center (there are several in central Brisbane), this will save $2 per ticket.

There is wifi throughout the center, which will allow you to send your selfies directly on the Internet, um!!

You can bring your own picnic, tables are arranged for and there is also a restaurant.

Good visit and good hugs!

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