Immensity in Paradise Cave

The Paradise Cave is located in Vietnam, about 22 km from Phong Nha. It is a natural cave, one of the largest in the region. We can go on tour bus or rent a scooter like me and drive through the rice fields surrounded by typical mountains of northern country.


Real underground grid, the Paradise Cave is 858 square kilometers (almost 8 times the city of Paris !!). Gigantic, we can’t visit it whole! However, you will easily have more than an hour walking inside to see everything.

Go there

The road is relatively easy to get to. All hotels in Phong Nha and hirers of motobikes will give you a map.

At the entrance, you can choose between different tickets depending on whether you prefer to access the cave on foot or buggy. The journey is not more than 10 minutes through the forest.


Even if you choose not to walk, you will still need to go through the 570 meters uphill to reach the main entrance of the cave. You will pass again through the rainforest to birdsong and other animal sounds.


The cave

It is reached by a human-sized hole. Notice to the claustrophobic, beware! I was feeling a bit like an explorer who has no idea what he will find. And such a display once inside! By the time the eyes adjust to the darkness, we find a large wooden staircase, wet and slippery that leads us down into the cave.


The cave reveal itself right before our eyes and there is a beautifull setting. The Paradise Cave is a UNESCO Heritage Site and we understand why. Between stalactites and stalagmites, we circulate on wooden walkways covered with a thin dusting of water. The place is wet, slippery. There are lower stretches of water where the polished rock is reflected.


Limestone, amassed by capillarity for millennia, consists of gigantic formations. Spots of green, blue and red lights give to the place a touch of magic. Further, we sometimes see the grid of underground tunnels that continues.



The cave is huge, we never see the end. From floor to ceiling, it’s a big void where the voices of tourists and guides resonate. At one point, I found myself alone with no one around. The silence is almost scary.


If you hesitate to visit this cave, no more doubt, go for it!

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