Around Bali, scooter tips

Bali, one of the 2000 islands of the Indonesian archipelago, only 5780 km². It must not be more than 8 hours two wheels ride from the south to the north in a straight line. It is therefore very easy to visit the island with a scooter that can be rented!


Some tips and rules to follow to visit Bali with a scooter.

The advantages of two wheels

You will sunburned … Oh no, sorry, I said the advantges!

Bali is not only cities like Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, etc…, it is an island where there is much to see through the beaches, temples, villages, mountains, rice fields … every street, every road, there is something that we have not seen somewhere else!

A motobike is autonomy! And yes of course … You can stop where you want to make a picture for example. You meet more locals because stopping in villages where tourists don’t go, you will have the opportunity to be invited by people, especially in Bali (and Java) !!

It is also an opportunity to get rid of his big bag, which is more to carry when looking for a hotel. We can also be offset and find more affordable housing because there is no more transportation worries.

And Bali, this is also an opportunity to save money because the bus is not cheap to go from town to town !!

So aside from a burning sun that oblide you to wear long-sleeved shirt and pants during the ride, have its own transport makes a different experience of the tour.

Rent a scooter

In Bali, it is very easy to rent a scooter. It costs about 50,000 Rp per day. If you take several days, you can negotiate! Check that the vehicle documents are in its trunk and you are in possession of the owner’s phone number, just in case!

Personally, I negotiated renting the scooter 5 days, I paid in advance by stating that I can keep it longer. To avoid having to return to extend the rental, I just called and paid the extra days at the end as agreed!

Beware if you are a couple and want to rent one scooter for only two, the renter may want to increase the price. It is better when only one of you rent scooters and take two helmets!

Also check that the helmet is in your size. There is nothing worse when when it press your head with the strap strangle you when you drive at 80 km/h!


To refuel, there are fuel stations throughout each town. If you have miscalculated your need in fuel, don’t worry, there are mini “oil” kiosks everywhere on the roads. This is slightly more expensive, but not a lot. These small house that store glass bottles filled with gasoline. We stop, we add one or two bottles until the next station!

Finally, you should buy a map of the island. Indonesian well know to navigate and read maps. If you are lost, you just show them your destination on the map.

My backpack, how do I do?

Some keep it on the back, others attache it on a luggage rack. I prefer to pinch it in the front between my legs. My backpack is not very big, so it’s easier for me.

Driving in Bali (and the rest of Indonesia)

In Indonesia, we drive on the left side. For those who are not familiar with, gently-go in intersections and roundabouts. Especially, that Indonesia is a big mess.


The great practice, the horn, which is not to say “sorry, can I go?” but rather “push you, I am comming though!”. So if everyone honks, and although everyone goes, haha! So be vigilant. A red traffic light means nothing, and a priority …. uh, what are you talking about?

So vigilance especially in cities. On intermediate routes, you’ll have time to drive with ease and you can also increase your speed. There is less vehicle!


If you plan to rent a scooter and ride with on different islands, you can take the ferries. I don’t know exactly the cost to cross with a scooter!!

Some tips with police

Don’t think that you will be well-addressed like locals !! You are a tourist, so you have money. Some are not ever stop, others every 10 km. There is no rules, just out of luck.

The international driving license is required. If you don’t have it with you, it will cost you a fine of Rp 150,000.

The reason of check are usually fakes. Your strap is not tight, a simple check paper … But in the end, the officer keeps your passport or driving licence and indicates the cash machine next door! Yes, it’s illegal, and what will you do?

If you do nothing, and that you have your international driving permit (mandatory, otherwiseyou will pay the fine) you can tweak. At each control, you made a frustrated face indicating that you just had a check only 5 km ago. The police will understand that you have already given your money and he will let you go!!

You can also request a receipt. This will lower the price initially announced. Finally, you can negotiate! Yes you can as one would buy a pair of shorts in a store !!


Checks are still rare, stunning landscapes and pleasant roads closed to the sea or in the mountains, take your scooter autonomy in Bali!


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