A mosquito net in the world tour

Among all the questions I asked myself during the preparations for my trip, the question of the mosquito net not dropped me until I left. I could not decide. Do I take one? What form? How am I hang it? I can’t decently make a hole in the wall with a hook, right? Where do I buy?

In short, too many questions for a simple net. I was fine to look on blogs, forums, none of the answers that I was not satisfied me.


And then I finally said. I’ll stop, I take the simplest mosquito net, the more economical, impregnated bed bugs and we’ll see. So I chose this model from GoSport to 29.99 euros (not the cheapest). Even then, I continued to ask me questions …

After a year, what assessment for this mosquito net??

Assessment after one year

  • In South America

I’m absolutely not served me and I saw absolutely no tourists, whether abroad or in the country, using a mosquito net in hostels. Basically, zero mosquito net, no fixing hook, nothing! In warmer areas and/or tropical, there were of course mosquitoes and magical!, Mosquito nets on the bedroom windows. So at least leave the door open, no mosquitoes at night, only in the late evening by being outside! And in colder areas or in altitude, there is no mosquito.

Assessment of South America, do NOT take a mosquito net !!

  • In Indonesia

I used the mosquito net twice on the island of Java and elsewhere while I also went to Bali, the Gili Islands and Lembongan and Lombok. Some hand clapping before going to bed were enough to spend a quiet night.


In addition, most of the walls are concrete, and it is difficult to push a pin up! The curtain rod, which is usually above the headboard can be an alternative. This is not very practical because the mosquito net will instead be on your head and will not contain your whole body.

I also realized that it was better to take a mosquito net for two people when traveling alone because they are larger. Besides that, it is often possible that the beds have oversized sizes! It will be easier to pin the net under the mattress!

  • In Southeast Asia

Asia is another story! Depending on the country or region, there are more or less fixed nets at the windows. Also, I stayed more than 10 months in Asia so I am gone through all seasons … Rainy season where yes, there are mosquitoes, dry season… same. So yes the mosquito net can be really useful. However, I rarely used it because I got used and the mosquitoes don’t really bite me anymore!


In Myanmar, take a mosquito net. In Laos and Cambodia, most hotels fit the bed nets, so no need!

Then mosquito net or not?

I say yes. Even if you don’t use it every day, it will avoid you to buy mosquito repellents overpriced which are harmful for the environment, or even your skin. The mosquito net is lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly!

And sometimes, we use the net other than to sleep;) …. to write this article as safe from blood-sucking 🙂 Come on, good luck!


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