8000 Buddhas in a cave at Pindaya

Imagine a mountainside cave, huge and full of 8000 Buddhas, at least!! This is what promises the small town of Pindaya, Myanmar. It’s pretty amazing to see. Places of worship and tourism, you can easily stay one hour before to go all around.


There are statues of Buddhas everywhere, every size. Resting on the ground, embedded in the walls, ceiling… Some are bronze, other tin, emerald, wood or marble. The oldest date back to the 17th century. Gold and red are the colors that dominate and it’s magic.


That’s fun to realize that each Buddha is unique, with a different posture, expression also changing face.



Some statues have an inscription at the bottom. This is the name and country of the donor person. Boxes are also placed at the entrance. Each for your membership, Burmese and foreign.


Circulating in this cave is like a maze, you can access different rooms where the humidity changes. One can then see the statues that ooze and prayers believe in miracles.

To access the cave, climb. Arriving at the top, we have a great view of the surrounding area and the temple full of stupa lower.



Useful information

To get to Pindaya from Kalaw (this is usually where one is to start a trek to Lake Inle!) It is a bit complicated. It takes one hour by bike. In this region, it is forbidden for foreigners to rent motobikes. So you have to take a tuk-tuk taxi or a motorcycle taxi and it is expensive!

Book guides will tell you that there are collective tuk-tuk that depart when they are full. But no one uses the road between Kalaw and Pindaya…  and the tuk-tuk is never full! If you have the time, tried hitch-hiking out of town by stopping trucks of goods! Not cheap so to go there, but it’s worth it!

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