5 days in Rio de Janeiro, how much it costs?

Last step of my 4-month trip to South America, I stayed in all and for all 5 full days and two half days in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

I have not been there for a special event such as the carnival or the World Cup (though a week before, that count?) And I found an accomodation for free through a friend.



Under these conditions, what budget do I spent for less than a week in the “City of God”?

Note that be host is not necessarily a gain on your budget because it involves more outings with your hosts. However, this just allows to enjoy the local life and spend your money differently.

So I swapped my budget accommodation with a restaurant / nightlife budget in Rio!

For those who do not have the opportunity to be housed (friends, couchsurfing or other), I know it is possible to find hostels / dormitories for 40 reals in the center of Rio (Botafogo, Copacabana, …).

I advise you strongly to stay elsewhere in the center, although the rooms are slightly more expensive than at the periphery. Indeed, as you move away, you will always have to take a taxi to your visits or at night. Because of traffic jam in Rio, you will lose a lot of time and the final bill will be not more interesting.

Rio de Janeiro is not a very expensive city if we compare with the great cities of Europe but Brazil in general is undoubtedly the most expensive country for a backpacking trip in South America !

Examples of prices (excluding big events):

  • 4 reals (€ 1.32) for a deckchair on the beach
  • 20-30 reals (€ 7-10) for one meal
  • 9.50 reals (€ 3) for 1L of beer
  • 40 reals (€ 13) for a hostel dormitory
  • 3 reals (€ 1) for a bus trip
  • About 50 reals (17 €) for tourist attractions such as the Corcovado and Sugar Loaf.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to be restricted and keep my budget in Rio. I chose to enjoy reasonably these 5 days.

By visiting each day a key location in Rio (I even went twice to Corcovado!) and hang out every night, I spent an average of 44 euros a day. For the city of Rio is a ridiculous amount when you are a tourist visiting.

On the budget breakdown, the item “food” includes both the catering part that evening (cocktail and tapas). The “divers” reflects purchases such as sunscreen or deckchair prices, bar entrance fees, etc.

I have not counted the price of my bus trip from Argentina. If you come by plane or bus, it will therefore add that expense.

And you, what is budget to Rio de Janeiro?


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