Ushuaia, why are we going?

Ushuaia … It is not so much the city but just to say “I’m in Ushuaia, I’m at the end of the world …” that is gloating. During my trip, many people have told me, “you’ll see, you’ll be disappointed, there is nothing to do in Ushuaia … is a lousy town !!” And I would answer them “yes maybe, but I’m not going to visit! …”


Would you pay for an airline ticket specifically to see Ushuaia? Probably not, because it is clear that this is not a dream destination … but do you want, traveler as you are, to be one day at the end of the world? Certainly ! That is why I wanted to go through Ushuaia, and then I had time, so why not!

What do we do in Ushuaia? Nothing more than the rest of Argentina! There glaciers and lagoons which is reached after several hours of walking. A national park, so big that it eventually boiled down to a walk in nature … and an afternoon boat trip on the Beagle Channel to see sea lions, penguins (when in season) , cormorants and the lighthouse at the end of the world. So many things that can be found for example at the Valdes Peninsula Puerto Madryn … Bored? No, but it is not necessary to go so far !!



Thus goes to Ushuaia reputation, myth!

Until the land of fire

Since Rio Galleros to Ushuaia, the journey from 10 hours by bus is not an easy task. It must go through Chile and then cross the border twice. It must also pass through the Strait of Magellan on a large ferry. The crossing takes about 20 minutes. You can sometimes see dolphins playing in the waves of the boat.


Beagle Channel

According to me, it is the only real attraction to Ushuaia, especially from October to March, during the summer. Shuttle boat companies take you to three hours of navigating the Beagle Channel through several points of view.


First, we go on an island (large rock emerged!) which are grouped hundreds of cormorants.



The second rock is home to sea lions. The show is impressive. See these huge animals, fat, heavy, roaring and moving slowly in the middle of nothing! In season, the last step is done on the island where thousands of penguins are located. You can approach them barely 1 meter … but I have not had the chance to see them!


Finally, the tour ends with the lighthouse “les éclaireurs”, the lighthouse at the end of the world!


Natural Beauties


Ushuaia, like the rest of Argentina have various beautiful natural sites. The lagoon Esmeralda, the Martial Glacier, the National Park of Tierra del Fuego and Fagnano Lake and other lakes and glaciers, further in the region.


All accessible only by car (or taxi stop within your means). By day, it’s nice and sunny so not really very cold with a good coat. So no problem to hitchhike !!



Quick tip: Access to the park costs 140 pesos national for foreigners. If you do not want to pay, pass the entrance before 8 am, the time of arrival of the guards. You will have the privilege in addition to admire the sunrise over the lake.

Where did I sleep?

Ushuaia is a city that is expensive … to go on the one hand and to house it. So I stayed in a hostel recognized to be one of the cheapest in the city, special backpacker! I have not been disappointed at all. Forums talk about it as a remote and little cozy.

It’s quite the opposite! A 10-minute walk from the center (it is not lazy at that point, right?!?) And the staff is more than welcoming. Everything is done to feel good!

The name is Hostel Patagonia Pais Av Leandro N. Alem 152. If you contact them before he can even pick you up for free by car to the bus stop.


Passport stamped

Do not forget to go to the tourist office with your passport to mark your visit to Ushuaia with nice pads.



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