Trance dance in Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali cultural city offers every evening a dance performance and other Balinese arts at The Palace. Not wanting to miss it, so I took my ticket for Rp 80,000 for two hours of exceptional show.


Scene and costumes

The dancers perform on a stage whose background the temple itself. That’s wonderful ! Red carved stone and interspersed with gargoyles and other divine statues are illuminated by the lights of the show.


The dancers are dressed in beautiful costumes that sparkle, trimmed with gold, glitter and all colors. They float to the rhythm of dance steps. The faces are disguised in the image of Hindu deities, blue on the eyelids with pink amber and black pencil mark and refine the facial features.


Masks, feathers, claws at the tips of the fingers, the costumes are fabulous and their composition is complex. One can imagine the preparation time and the job seamstresses!



Trance dance represents communication with the gods. The dancers perform their movements eyes half closed, as possessed. They hold fans, puppets and sacred umbrellas.


Their eyes wide open, moving synchronized with the head, have a role to transcribe trance and madness that drives each artist.



The show takes place in different acts from the divine consecration of the sacred rituals of the Balinese town of Ubud through a love scene rejected by the gods.


Practical tips

  • Over 400 visitors attend the performances each night. So don’t delay to buy your ticket in advance, the morning is enough.
  • There are sometimes resellers in the street that will make you a price. 75000 Rp instead of 80000 Rp.
  • Arrive at least one hour before the show if you want to get a seat and center.

Don’t doubt, go for it!

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